Current Opportunities

Head of Growth @ TinyEYE

As Head of Growth, you will have the opportunity to build a solid sales function within the organization, and formalize their move from a start-up function to a scale-up.

Senior Development Manager @ Colonnade Bridgeport

In 2015, two of Ottawa’s leading real estate firms merged to create a dominant market leader for the National Capital Region. The result of that merger was the creation of Colonnade BridgePort. With the focus and expertise of the leadership team, the firm set its sights on expansion and are driving...

President @ Bruyère Foundation

The Bruyère Foundation is passionately dedicated to finding, encouraging and nurturing champions for the aging population and those requiring complex medical care through informed and inspirational community involvement.

General Manager/Directeur général @ Ottawa Boat Cruise/Croisières Outaouais

For 45 years, Ottawa Boat Cruise has been a pillar in the National Capital’s tourism industry, having earned their spot as the largest, and most sustainable organization in the region. / Depuis 45 ans, Croisières Outaouais est un pilier de l’industrie touristique de la capitale nationale, ayant gagné sa place en tant qu’organisation la plus importante et la plus durable de la région.
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