Not-For-Profit Boards: Hiring an Executive Director / CEO

In this webinar, James and Donna Baker engage in an interesting discussion surrounding not-for-profit Boards hiring an Executive Director or CEO for their organizations. There are a number of considerations for Boards surrounding alignment, search committees, diversity, interviewing, COVID-19 and more. Check out our video webinar to created to help Boards find the right person to lead their organizations.

High-Growth Hiring Strategies: Tips, Stories & External CEOs

In this webinar, Kyle Turk, VP of Marketing at Keynote Search, moderates an engaging discussion with Matt Whitteker, Co-Founder at Assent Compliance and Donna Baker, Managing Partner at Keynote Group about the realities of both executive recruitment and hiring in today’s economy for high-growth businesses. Hear the journey of Assent and in particular the triggers that led Matt and his co-founders to bring in an external CEO.

The Unique Hiring Challenges for Non-Profit Organizations

In this webinar, James Baker, CEO of Keynote Group, moderates an engaging discussion between Mischa Kaplan, HR Director at Ottawa Tourism and Donna Baker, Managing Partner at Keynote Group on the unique hiring challenges for Non-Profit Organizations. They discuss how to create board alignment, the importance of keeping momentum in the hiring process, confidentiality, managing diversity in hiring practices, relocation, managing exits and supporting success.

Top 5 Recruitment Mistakes Companies Still Make

In this video webinar, James & Donna Baker, Co-Founders of Keynote Group, discuss the top 5 most common recruitment mistakes made by companies that they continue to see on a daily basis. They discuss judging people by their resumes, not marketing the company effectively, being unaware of market realities and competitors, failing to have a competitive compensation package, expecting candidates to fall over themselves to join your company and much more.

How To Successfully Evolve Your Sales Team

Our sales hiring experts take you on a journey through how to build an effective sales team. Throughout you’ll receive insight on what to look for when you are recruiting salespeople, managing compensation and performance, and how to mitigate risk when exiting poor performers. The expert panel consists of Keni Gibson – Director of Sales at BriteSky, Kecia Podetz – Partner at Emond Harnden, and Keynote Search’s CEO, James Baker. The panel discussion is moderated by Darryl Praill.

The Modernization of Recruitment: Marketing, Technology & Data

In this webinar, our experts take you on a journey through the modernization of recruitment. Throughout you’ll receive insight on the industry’s dramatic transition to a more proactive approach to recruitment with the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, social platforms, and data-driven decisions to promote company culture effectively. Our expert panel breaks down and discusses: employer branding techniques & strategies, optimizing social channels for recruitment, digital marketing challenges, the challenge of multi-generational recruitment, how to use data to better understand audiences and much more.

The Future of Recruiting: Keeping a Human Touch with A.I

Discover and learn more about the use of artificial intelligence in the recruiting industry. Throughout you’ll receive invaluable insight into how to drive better quality human interactions and engage in better conversations through best-in-class A.I. tools and technology. In this webinar our experts will take you on a journey as they discuss how A.I. is being used in recruiting, the benefits of A.I. in recruiting, building meaningful relationships through A.I., draw backs to some A.I. processes, A.I. tools and technology for recruiting, interviewing and more.