Integration Coaching Services

Empower your executives with our comprehensive Integration Services. Whether provided as part of our retained executive search process or through a one-time engagement, we pave the way for an executive’s smooth transition into your organization’s culture and operations.

Our Integration Coaching Program is a proven service that facilitates seamless transitions for new team members, recently promoted employees or even employees of an acquired business. We tailor our coaching to meet your organization’s unique needs, helping employees quickly adapt, integrate into the company culture, and become productive. Our experienced coaches provide guidance and support for increased productivity, employee satisfaction and reduced turnover. 

Efficient onboarding goes beyond paperwork and orientation sessions. It encompasses cultural integration, personal development, and fostering positive relationships. 

Our Approach – Structured Program to Support a Holistic Integration

Personalized Integration: We design a tailored approach to integration that aligns with your company’s goals and the individual needs of each participant.

Cultural and Social Integration: We guide employees to understand your company’s culture, values, and social dynamics, fostering a sense of belonging.

Regular Check-ins: We conduct regular check-ins to assess progress, address challenges, and ensure well-being.

Conflict Resolution: If conflicts arise, our coaches provide support in resolving issues and facilitating effective communication.

Executive Coaching Services

Enhance your leadership potential with our dynamic Coaching Programs available for 3 or 6 month engagements. Executive coaching is designed to facilitate personal and professional growth, enhance leadership effectiveness, and drive organizational success.

Why do we offer Executive Coaching?
We have an industry-leading post-placement integration program that is inclusive in our executive search process. As the program develops, executives sometimes ask for support beyond the first 90 days. Some need support after a recent promotion, a change in responsibilities, or when specific development points need to be addressed. Having an impartial, experienced executive coach to share ideas and concerns with and gain practical feedback and guidance from is extremely valuable.

What is Executive Coaching
Executive coaching consists of regular, collaborative meetings between an executive and a coach, with the general objective of providing support for the executive’s success. The coach helps the executive to crystallize their unique value to their organization, explore how they are perceived by others and focus on identifying and clarifying current needs, goals and values as they align with the organization. Throughout the coaching program, appropriate action plans and steps are discussed and progress is tracked.

What are the benefits of Executive Coaching
Coaching has been shown to lead to improved self-awareness, deeper relationship building, accelerated understanding of the organization, accelerated achievement in deliverables and increased productivity. It is not unusual to have some initial misalignment on the direction, expectations or culture of an organization. However, it is important to recognize when a plan to adjust is required, avoiding travelling too far down the wrong route – costing valuable time and resources.

Facilitation Services


Our professional facilitation services include strategic planning sessions for Senior Leadership Teams and Boards, Annual General Meeting support, Corporate Retreats, Advisory Board meetings and conferences, Mission, Vision, Values exercises and much more. Our experienced facilitators work with senior management across private, public and non-profit sectors.

Our Approach – Discover. Define. Deliver.

Using a blended coaching-facilitation model, our facilitator will focus on the end goal – What would it look like if the goal was achieved and if it wasn’t, the biggest challenges to getting there and what’s preventing progress?

A discovery meeting will include several questions to uncover where you’re at today, where you want to be and what’s important to your organization. We will define a detailed agenda and what we want to accomplish. Our delivery unfolds throughout the meeting by adapting for priorities, ensuring focus, timeliness and tasks are completed. We will also summarize notes from the meeting into a report that captures what was accomplished, what was agreed to, and what happens next. In the case of a strategic planning session, it captures the essence of your plan.

Executive & Team Assessments


Hogan Assessments: Diverse Personality Aspects

Hogan Assessments explore three vital dimensions; spotlights personality, illuminates potential challenges, and uncovers values and motivators. 

Personality: spotlights strengths and positive attributes crucial for effective professional interactions.

Illuminates potential challenges: challenges or derailers that may surface under stress, providing invaluable insights for heightened self-awareness and proactive personal development.

Core values and motivators: offers a revealing glimpse into the driving forces behind their decisions and actions.

By incorporating Hogan Assessments, we enhance the understanding of individual behaviour, providing a comprehensive perspective essential for professional growth.

DISC Profiling: Analyzing Interpersonal Dynamics

DISC, with its Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness dimensions, categorizes individuals into distinct behavioural styles:

Dominance (D): Assertive and results-oriented individuals who prioritize challenges and control.

Influence (I): Charismatic and sociable communicators who excel at building relationships and motivating others.

Steadiness (S): Collaborative and empathetic individuals who seek harmony and stability in their work environment.

Conscientiousness (C): Analytical and detail-oriented individuals who value accuracy and precision in their tasks.

Our integration of DISC offers a nuanced perspective on communication strategies, fostering targeted development in this critical aspect of professional effectiveness.

360 Review Services: Holistic Feedback Collection

Our 360 Review services provide a comprehensive and confidential feedback mechanism. They involve an initial survey followed by a personalized 1:1 discussion, offering insights into an individual’s business-related performance. Areas explored include Knowledge of Business, Quality of Interactions, Clarity and Communication, and General Leadership Capabilities.

By combining structured categories with open-ended comments, we tailor our 360 Review services to capture a holistic view of an individual’s performance, fostering a well-rounded understanding of strengths and areas for development.

Tailored Solutions for Lasting Impact

Whether you’re a non-profit seeking board facilitation or a corporation undertaking strategic planning exercises, we have the expertise and resources to help you drive meaningful results.

Contact us today to experience our expert guidance, customized solutions and proven results with countless success stories.




We are proud to work with some exceptional companies in a wide variety of industries.

My success will be due in part to the terrific “post-placement integration program” that Keynote has coached me and our Chair through with such expertise. This program has profoundly accelerated my integration (vs simple on-boarding) into Bruyère and ensured precise alignment between myself the Board Chair and the entire Foundation Board.

Tom Hewitt
President - Bruyere Foundation

Brenda and the team at Keynote Search have developed a winning formula with their post-placement support. Facilitating meaningful conversations and accelerating the building of trust between a new hire and employee is priceless for all to be successful. In a time where personnel changes are becoming more frequent, programs like Keynote’s are phenomenal tools to help avoid costly delays from hiring the wrong individual or failing to enable resources in their early days within your organization.

Jon Ferguson
General Manager, Cyber and DNS - CIRA