Hospitality Executive Searches

Are your hospitality teams equipped and prepared to deliver the level of service that customers expect from your establishment? Having a well-rounded executive team is integral to a streamlined operation, and it takes dedication, a great personality, and a well-optimized set of management skills to achieve the best possible results.

Keynote Search is happy to help you get there. Our executive searches for hospitality clients go beyond basic vetting standards, ensuring you benefit from top-notch talent that can actively support, educate, and guide your teams with ease. By getting to know candidates before presenting them to you as suitable picks, you’ll be onboarding talented, dynamic individuals, who can help your brand stand out from the rest. 


People-First Solutions for a People-First Industry

For guests and customers to benefit from the best possible experience on your behalf, you need executives who understand the fundamentals of good housekeeping and client service. To achieve those lucrative five-star reviews, it’s important to place the right folks in the right positions. That’s where we come in with our thorough candidate performance analysis; how did they operate in the past, how did they get along with team members, and did their previous employers raise any concerns over how they manage employees? Alternatively, are there any hidden skills or abilities relevant to your operations, and can they introduce a fresh new perspective? We address these questions and more so you don’t have to, delivering personalized results suitable for a people-first industry.  

Hospitality Clients We Have Partnered With

Common Roles

Keynote Search has proudly worked with hospitality clients to fill executive roles in a number of key areas. They include the following:


  • General Managers
  • COOs
  • CEOs
  • CMOs
  • CFOs
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Director-Level Roles
  • VP-Level Roles


  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Sales, and Communications
  • Sales, Accounting and Financing
  • Onsite Specializations (spas, hotels, casinos, etc.)

Sub-Sectors Served

  • Hotel and restaurant management
  • Tour, sports and entertainment service providers
  • Cruise staffing and excursion services
  • Onsite recreational/sports facilities
  • Casino personnel and maintenance
  • Spa, health and/or therapy services
  • Security and operations management
  • … and more!

Our Success-Based Guarantee

We’re confident that the individuals we recommend for a key position are a worthwhile pick – so confident, in fact, that clients benefit from our success-based guarantee! We follow up and actively engage with all involved parties, including the candidate themselves. That’s how we ensure they have everything they need to perform at their peak.

In the hyper-competitive hospitality industry, your employees are your lifeline. Set out in the right direction with the help of Keynote Search and our carefully selected candidates! Contact us today to get started on your executive search.