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50% of leaders fail within 2 years.
Keynote Search finds people you are looking for, screens them more effectively and supports their success with dedicated executive coaching.
One inclusive price. Success-based guarantee.

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Receive exclusive invites and industry related content relevant to you and your business.


Enhanced search that allows us to speak to hundreds of people on your behalf.

Our process leverages our expert delivery team’s experience combined with cutting-edge technology to find and attract exceptional talent.


Every search includes predictive psychometric assessments with an exhaustive interview process.

Predictive psychometric assessments, A.I. & data-driven scoring, and a thorough interview process to ensure we find the right fit.


Ensure optimal performance of your new executive with our post-placement support.

One-on-one executive coaching and our Mastermind Executive Leadership Development Program to support executive hires with industry leading practices.

One customized solution. One inclusive price. Success is our guarantee.

Our executive search is backed by a 12 month guarantee. Everything we do from the enhanced search to extensive screening and post-placement support is all included under one transparent fee.

Learn more about how our executive search and recruitment services can help you find the right person to help your organization succeed.

Our Executive Search Team

Using our search processes, we have found and developed a team of experts that work together to help you with your search needs. Everything from identifying and creating compelling position profiles, sourcing candidates, assessing fit, evaluating and interviewing, selecting and even onboarding and coaching for your new hires.

How to Write LinkedIn InMails to Increase Response Rate

There is no denying that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for executive recruiters, headhunters and hiring managers. With over 600 million professionals on the platform and 260 million logging in monthly - it makes LinkedIn an ideal platform for recruiters to source and reach out to potential high value candidates. For executive search specifically, there are 61 million users that are senior level influencers with 40 million of them in decision-making positions.

The Future of Work: An Interview with Brad Ezard

We have compiled a recap of the interview with our COO Brad Ezard during the live Twitter #SaaSChats on “The Future of Work” hosted by L-Spark on January 16th, 2020.

20 Marketing Experts on Their #1 Tip to Attract Top Talent | Employer Branding

Marketing Expert Tips on Employer Branding in 2020 Attracting top-notch talent can be a difficult task for orgnaizations. These 20 marketing leaders provide their advice on how marketing can help to position brands to help attract top talent.

Confidentiality in the Executive Search Process

The average tenure for a C-Suite individual in a business is just over 5 years. In that time those leaders will accomplish a lot but it will get to the point where the business is ready for a change.

Managing Diversity in the Executive Search Process

The objective of diversity hiring is to ensure that your business can identify and remove any potential biases during the executive search process.

Latest Opportunities

View our latest executive search opportunities.

Senior Mechanical Estimator @ ClimateWorks - Ottawa

Founded by two partners over a decade ago, ClimateWorks, like many other founderled businesses, has …

Senior Development Manager @ Colonnade Bridgeport - Ottawa

In 2015, two of Ottawa’s leading real estate firms merged to create a dominant market leader for the…

Director of Leasing @ Colonnade Bridgeport - Toronto

In 2015, two of Ottawa’s leading real estate firms merged to create a dominant market leader in the …


We are proud to work with some exceptional companies in a wide variety of industries.

We’ve filled several positions with Keynote and the ROI has been exceptional. We’ve saved time on recruiting and screening candidates and more importantly have been able to consistently find better quality people than we were ever able to on our own. The result is that our productivity and culture have never been better. Keynote’s approach is unique compared to other recruiting firms and offers our business much more value.
Brooke McClelland
Controller - Flux Lighting
I was lucky enough to work with the Keynote team on several occasions. I appreciate the work they do and do very well. They find hundreds of potential candidates that can do the job, present the top candidates that they have thoroughly evaluated to fit within our company, and help to onboard and ensure their long-term success. I would strongly recommend using them to find the best person that will succeed.
Andrew Emmans
The team at Keynote has spent a considerable amount of time to truly understand the culture of our company in order to find the right people who will succeed with us. Time was spent not on email or phone calls but rather in person touring our operation and spending time with the leadership team. As a trusted partner, they are enabling our company to scale and we look forward to our continued work together.
Brian Boucher
General Manager - Euro Tile & Stone