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50% of leaders fail within 2 years.
Keynote Search finds people you are looking for, screens them more effectively and supports their success with dedicated executive coaching.
One inclusive price. Success-based guarantee.

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Enhanced search that allows us to speak to hundreds of people on your behalf.

Our process leverages our expert delivery team’s experience combined with artificial intelligence to find and attract exceptional talent.


Every search includes predictive psychometric assessments with an exhaustive interview process.

Predictive psychometric assessments, A.I. & data-driven scoring, and a thorough interview process to ensure we find the right fit.


Ensure optimal performance of your new executive with our post-placement support.

One-on-one executive coaching and our Mastermind Executive Leadership Development Program to support executive hires with industry leading practices.

One customized solution. One inclusive price. Success is our guarantee.

Our executive search is backed by a 12 month guarantee. Everything we do from the enhanced search to extensive screening and post-placement support is all included under one transparent fee.

Learn more about how our executive search and recruitment services can help you find the right person to help your organization succeed.

Our Executive Search Team

Using our search processes, we have found and developed a team of experts that work together to help you with your search needs. Everything from identifying and creating compelling position profiles, sourcing candidates, assessing fit, evaluating and interviewing, selecting and even onboarding and coaching for your new hires.

Non-Profit Organizations: Capitalizing on the Purpose-Driven Workforce

The Non-Profit industry brings forth a lot of opportunity for organizations to attract and retain top talent. The ability to portray a Non-Profit Organization’s (“NPO”) mission and the organizational impact on people’s lives to make a difference in a community should be used as an advantage in the war on talent, especially for executive searches.

Career Progression with Jeremy Cormier

As an executive search and recruitment firm we see a lot of talent on the move. We decided to interview Jeremy Cormier, Product Design Lead at NS Sports Media Pros in Halifax, Nova Scotia who recently started a new role to get an understanding of his considerations for making the jump as well as his recent candidate experience.

Relocating for Work? 5 Considerations a Realtor Can Help You With When Relocating to a New City

Relocating to a new city can be both exciting and scary at the same time. I know this from personal experience. Hiring a professional realtor to help find your new home, whether it be buying or renting will simplify this process. Let’s be honest, doing it on your own can be overwhelming. Here are ...

Ask Our Team - FaceApp Challenge

Thanks to the #FaceApp Challenge we are able to imagine what the Keynote Group team will look like when we’re older. Here’s where we think we will be in our lives and careers in 25 years.

Transitioning Your Newly Appointed CEO Into Your Company

After a CEO executive search, both members of the board and fellow leadership executives must understand that the CEO, although highly capable and qualified, will not thrive as effectively without transitional support. 3 examples of common issues that arise with new CEOs within the first 18 months...

Latest Opportunities

View our latest executive search opportunities.

Revenue Accountant @ Lépine Apartments

With quality and efficiency being at the forefront of their success, you will use this to drive accu…

Marketing Manager @ Lépine Apartments

This opportunity will enable you to use utilize your multifaceted marketing expertise in a true hand…

Architect @ Real Estate Development Company

Our client pushes the boundaries when designing efficient and luxurious buildings that rival convent…


We are proud to work with some exceptional companies in a wide variety of industries.

I've had the pleasure of working with Keynote on several different talent and HR initiatives. I have always been impressed by their approach, process and execution. I'd highly recommend working with Keynote and look forward to our future relationship.
Bruce Linton
Our company was very impressed with what Keynote had to offer in the way of recruitment, onboarding, coaching and follow-up. Additionally the caliber of candidates that were referred to us by Keynote were impressive leading us to make a great hire. We would recommend Keynote to any company.
Alex Cairns
HR Manager - EODC
We’ve filled several positions with Keynote and the ROI has been exceptional. We’ve saved time on recruiting and screening candidates and more importantly have been able to consistently find better quality people than we were ever able to on our own. The result is that our productivity and culture have never been better. Keynote’s approach is unique compared to other recruiting firms and offers our business much more value.
Brooke McClelland
Controller - Flux Lighting
I was lucky enough to work with James and the Keynote team on several occasions. I appreciate the work they do and do very well. I would strongly recommend using them for your hiring/search and onboarding needs.
Andrew Emmans