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Managing a team is no easy task. When it comes to operating within the construction industry, a whole new layer of complications can amplify the need for effective hiring. Unique challenges such as securing permits, coordinating building teams and procuring the right equipment and materials are just a few tasks faced by executives in this field. Let Keynote Search help you achieve the optimal performance, and retain the best possible workers and maintain a smooth standard of operations. With our full-service, all-inclusive executive search and recruitment solution, we make it easier to find those who deserve and are capable of leading your latest endeavours.

The key? Retention and support. Not only do we strive to successfully place recommended candidates, but we also work closely with you to ensure their integration is streamlined, addressing any concerns along the way. With a meticulous focus on background, marketable skills and personality during our vetting process, Keynote Search prides ourselves on sourcing the finest figureheads for your construction operations. Not only that, but we also deliver comprehensive executive coaching to ensure everyone gets along and works well together, helping you put hammer to nail and make real progress.

Construction Clients We Have Partnered With

Common Roles

Keynote Search has assisted construction clients in securing a wide array of executive and other departmental roles, including but not limited to the following:


  • C-suite executives
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • CMO
  • CHRO
  • VP level roles
  • Director level roles

Industry Roles

  • Project Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Chief Estimators
  • Maintenance Directors
  • Senior Design Engineers
  • Structural Engineers


  • Accounting & Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Site Planners/Foremen

Sub-sectors served

  • Light and heavy construction
  • Renovations and new builds
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial projects
  • Infrastructure repairs
  • Engineering construction
  • Trades
  • Property management

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Our goal is to help you reach yours with the right leaders at the helm. Placements are optimized to ensure thorough vetting and background checks, support, and subsequently quicker integration with your company’s operating environment. Our onboardings benefit from the latest innovations and processes to get everyone on the same page so candidates can roll up their sleeves and get to work. By personalizing our post-placement services to address any needs or concerns while helping you maintain full compliance, we can coach and guide your new hires to ensure they perform at their peak and meld well with the rest of the team. This translates to improved morale, retention, and overall performance efficiency. Our success-based guarantee to you is our commitment to quality, successful placements, more effective construction operations and happier clients. In short, everyone wins by choosing the right people for the job.

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We specialize in supporting the talent needs for mid-sized construction and real estate companies.

What impressed us about Keynote was their methodical approach to their services. They’ve clearly thought through the fundamental questions and developed a system to provide the best solution. Their offering is customizable and client specific, which made it truly appealing. Without a doubt, the team believes in what they do and that comes through in their approach.
Jean-Michel Carriere
We’ve filled several positions with Keynote and the ROI has been exceptional. We’ve saved time on recruiting and screening candidates and more importantly have been able to consistently find better quality people than we were ever able to on our own. The result is that our productivity and culture have never been better. Keynote’s approach is unique compared to other recruiting firms and offers our business much more value.
Brooke McClelland
Controller - Flux Lighting
I was lucky enough to work with the Keynote team on several occasions. I appreciate the work they do and do very well. I would strongly recommend using them for your hiring/search and onboarding needs.
Andrew Emmans