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Executive Search & Recruitment

Canada’s Capital is the seat of the family businesses, a massive financial hub, a sprawling collection of tech enterprises, and a city brimming with corporate opportunities. Make them happen with the right professionals helping to steer your business in the right direction. Go beyond the numbers and spearhead innovation through the power of people, made possible by our team at Keynote Search. Performing executive searches in Ottawa has never been easier, more effective and tailored to suit your specific operational needs.

We take every detail seriously, from the most seemingly insignificant aspects of your recruitment processes to initial onboarding and training, in order to help integrate capable and great leaders with your workforce. An effective team is one that cooperates and supports one another, doesn’t lose focus, and remains driven to perform. Let’s ensure these traits are commonplace within your walls by establishing lasting relationships with the right executives.

Our Focus

Keynote Search strives to bring out the best in every candidate, laying it all on the table to help you paint a clearer picture of their work ethic, performance history, and overall suitability for the position in question. From software engineering firms to crown corporations and government directorates, many organizations have come to us in search of that next great performer. We, therefore, take our vetting process very seriously, purposefully identifying key, experienced individuals with a proven track record who would integrate best with your operations.

Post-Placement Support

Achieving an optimal Ottawa executive search and finding the right candidate is all well and good, but what about actually keeping them? Retention is a taboo subject for some, but not for us; we believe that investing in a leader means ensuring that they want to stay on and guide your team towards greater potential. Keynote Search is proud to offer comprehensive post-placement support in the form of dedicated training, onboarding sessions, and other forms of assistance for your new executives. This is a more personalized, holistic and more organic approach that helps them feel like a core pillar of the team, with benefits including improved performance potential, engagement, and overall satisfaction.

Cut down on tension, boost productivity and communications efficiency, and drive your team to deliver like never before with the right executives helping you guide your company. Keynote Search is excited to help you explore the potential of your operations with executive searches in Ottawa that spotlight the importance of team building and forming strong relationships. Contact us today to get started!



We work with a variety of companies in the manufacturing sector including electronics, transportation, food and beverage, textiles, petroleum, equipment, furniture and more.


We work with a variety of companies in the automotive sector including dealerships, service centres, parts and accessories, transportation, and more.

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