Executive Director @ Old Ottawa South Community Association

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Exciting Opportunity

Build upon past successes while guiding theorganization's trajectory going forward

Work that Matters

Craft innovative strategies and generate novel ideas to guide the non-profit as it evolves

Deeply Rewarding

Impacting the community and the multigenerational families that OSCA serves

Executive Director @ Old Ottawa South Community Association

Company: Old Ottawa South Community Association

Position: Executive Director

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the community through a wide range of recreational services and programs. Founded by a group of passionate community volunteers, OSCA’s mission is to make Old Ottawa South (OOS) a vibrant, fulfilling, and meaningful place to live.

OSCA achieves its mission through a multifaceted approach, including fostering strong community bonds through various social events that bring people together. These events build a sense of belonging and also encourage residents to get to know their neighbours. Moreover, OSCA plays a vital role in providing educational, sports, fitness, and recreational programs tailored to the community’s needs. This includes essential after-school programs that support working parents and ensure the holistic development of the younger generation.

Skills & Experience


Versatile leader with substantial operational and financial management experience overseeing budgets, staff, programming, services, and stakeholder relationships


Rooted in community engagement, recreational initiatives, or social advocacy, you excel in developing and executing short and long-term strategic and operational plans while leading teams with diverse responsibilities

Strong Business Acumen

Underpinned by your proficiency in financial management, HR, legal matters, marketing, and management

Reliable & Accountable

You adhere to commitments related to time, cost, and service, adeptly managing financial aspects

Proven Track Record

Successful grant acquisition and negotiation of funding opportunities underscores your ability to swiftly gain trust and cultivate relationships within the community

Board Experience

Skilled in reporting to a board on financial matters, program success, risk management, and employee retention

Summary of the Role

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the ExecutiveDirector will assume a pivotal role in the management of the organization. This leadership position encompasses effective stakeholder engagement, organizational development, financial oversight, program management, and ensuring a thriving workforce through effective management, retention, and evolution.

At the helm of operations, your focus will be on shaping and articulating the organization’s future roadmap, promoting innovative approaches and fostering a culture of creativity. Guiding the development of a new strategic plan, you’ll lead the organization into an era of rebuilding and growth. This involves identifying priorities, objectives, and areas for improvement within activities and services, and subsequently making informed recommendations and revisions as necessary.You will prioritize operational functions to ensure effectiveness in daily activities and adherence to established policies and guidelines. This will include introducing additional required staff to balance and optimize team responsibilities. 

Integral to this role is adept team leadership. Building trust within the team, you will build upon a collaborative, inclusive, and high-performing environment. You will regularly provide guidance, motivation, and support to the team, while addressing challenges and maintaining an exceptional level of service for community members. An adaptable leadership approach, characterized by delegation, risk assessment, operational adjustments, and progress monitoring, will be central to fostering growth. Providing the team with necessary tools and resources, you will encourage creativity and pose thought-provoking questions to engage and inspire.

Developing and maintaining key relationships with external stakeholders is a fundamental component to this role which includes community groups, partnerships, and local government.Active involvement in communication efforts for the OSCAR community newspaper will also be apart of your advocacy to engage participants. As a core representative of OSCA, you will exemplify esteemed professionalism during outreach initiatives or collaboration with other organizations.

Transitioning into a post-pandemic landscape, this role stresses reviewing and rebuilding revenue streams. Providing guidance to enhance participation and reach, maintaining successful programs and events, exploring potential funding sources, building partnerships, and crafting fundraising plans will all fall within your purview. You will work alongside the board and staff to develop actionable plans to help grow the organizations following and earnings potentials. 

Overall, as the Executive Director, your focus will center on orchestrating the organization’s operational facets and empowering staff, leveraging existing successes, enhancing stakeholder engagement, and preparing for the future. Ensuring alignment across these critical domains will be fundamental to the organization’s sustained success. 

Opportunity has been filled!