Non-Profit Organizations: Capitalizing on the Purpose-Driven Workforce

Non-Profit Organizations: Capitalizing on the Purpose-Driven Workforce

The Non-Profit industry brings forth a lot of opportunities for organizations to attract and retain top talent. The ability to portray a Non-Profit Organization’s (“NPO”) mission and the organizational impact on people’s lives to make a difference in a community should be used as an advantage in the war on talent, especially for executive searches.

Non-Profit Organizations that are able to put a focus on employer branding and creating a personalized candidate journey during an executive search will have a distinct advantage in the marketplace. NPOs need to prioritize the emphasis on finding their unique employee value proposition and connecting with potential candidates in a relatable, meaningful manner. Seasoned professionals and executives are prime targets for this type of outreach and marketing.

A global survey conducted by Imperative of 26,000 LinkedIn members found that 48% of workers aged 51+ prioritize purpose overpay and titles. Contrast that number with millennials at 30%.

74% of candidates stated that they want a job where they feel like their work matters. This data suggests that NPOs have a distinct advantage over other employers, specifically when conducting executive searches that are targeting veteran leaders; if they are able to portray their causes to positively impact lives and their sense of meaning.

In a LinkedIn Talent Study, they found that 75% of professionals in North America would consider working for a Non-Profit. That is a massive talent pool to source your next potential executive-level or business-critical hire.

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