Relocating for Work? 5 Considerations a Realtor Can Help You With When Relocating to a New City

Relocating for Work? 5 Considerations a Realtor Can Help You With When Relocating to a New City

Relocating to a new city can be both exciting and scary at the same time. I know this from personal experience. Hiring a professional realtor to help find your new home, whether it be buying or renting will simplify this process. Let’s be honest, doing it on your own can be overwhelming.

Here are 5 considerations a professional realtor can help you with when relocating to a new city:

1. Guidance

First and foremost, your realtor will be there to guide you along the way. From the very beginning of the scout phase to planning your trip in and around the city, visiting prospective homes, putting in an offer, connecting you with a mortgage advisor, preparing you for the big move, and finally settling in!

Your realtor will be there to guide you through the entire relocation process. From the initial searching phase through to planning your trip around the city, visiting prospective homes, connecting with a mortgage advisor, submitting an offer, and settling into your new home, a realtor will be able to work with you to make your move the smoothest.

2. Plan a trip with your realtor

You may want to consider taking a 5-7 day trip to visit some homes. Remember, if you can’t physically be there, you and your realtor can do virtual tours with the convenience of FaceTime or other video applications instead. This is something I’ve personally done in the past when locating to a whole new country! The comfort of being guided in this process gives proper knowledge and confidence so that when you officially move you will feel like a local already!

3. Commuting to Work: How is the local public transportation system?

A big question when you are relocating to a new city, for work specifically, is how you will be commuting to work. Is the area known for heavy traffic? Familiarizing yourself with the local public transportation is recommended for the days you do not want to drive or don’t own a car. Your realtor can provide you with local routes. Your GPS may say it’ll take you 20 minutes to get to work, but depending on time and day, the local traffic can have an impact on that timing. Who best to answer this question than a local expert who drives for a living? Trust us – we are your ‘real life’ roadmap and happy to guide you in the right direction.

4. School district / Dog parks

Are you relocating your family? Do you have little ones that will be going to school? Perhaps a little fur baby that will need some green space for running around and burning all that energy. This is a very big consideration when deciding on a neighbourhood. Will you be sending your children to French or English school? Public or Catholic District? Would you enjoy amenities such as a park nearby? We are in Canada after all, so you will be thanking us for the convenience of proximity especially in the cold winter months!

5. Consider Renting

If purchasing a home isn’t something you are ready to do, that’s ok too! Purchasing a home is known as the biggest investment of your life. You may be hesitant at first and want to consider renting before making the commitment to get a feel for the type of home you purchase. Often times, people don’t realize that realtors can help with the renting process too. Some of us have even started our career in the property management sector and are rental experts. We know how to make your application stand out, and ensure that you provide all the necessary information to secure your move.

If you are relocating for work, consider getting in touch with our real estate partner Sabrina Ezard for more information.