What is Top of Mind for Newly Appointed Executives and their Employers?

What is Top of Mind for Newly Appointed Executives and their Employers?

We have completed over 200 sessions of our Post-Placement Integration program which focuses on structured, objective and collaborative sessions for newly appointed executives and their organizations. We have uncovered common themes where executives are focusing their conversations and attention in the first 90 days of employment.

Here are the Top 3 themes that are presenting themselves during our executive post-placement integration sessions thus far:

1. Productivity

Newly appointed executives are focusing their efforts on achieving early successes at their organizations. Building confidence in their role, as well as earning the confidence of their peers has been of the utmost importance. In order to achieve higher productivity, there have been additional efforts by both the new executive and that of the employer to ensure alignment on the organization’s strategic initiatives and execution of key objectives to show tangible results.    

2. Self-Awareness & Approaching Peers

This applies to both the newly appointed executive and the employer’s leadership team. There is a focus being put on truly understanding each person of the leadership team. Knowing who they are and a little bit about them just isn’t enough. Newly appointed executives are putting additional efforts to learn their own leadership styles, areas for development as well as understanding what motivates and influences their colleagues, especially in remote work situations.  By really understanding themselves and their colleagues is resulting in higher productivity personally and as a team.

3. Longevity & Retention

Those executives that took the risk to make a move during the pandemic are not looking to hop around. They put a lot of thought into their decision and did not take it lightly. The employers understand the cost of employee turnover and invested a significant amount to find the right executive. Both parties, the newly appointed executive and the employers, are finding ways to ensure retention and long-term success. There is a focus on having regular, structured connections for a more personal understanding of each other, confirming the strategic direction, and providing candid feedback on performance. Meaningful connections result in high engagement, productivity and loyalty to the organization. 

By making a concerted effort to communicate, align expectations and build meaningful connections with newly appointed executives, will ensure that you accelerate their productivity and the success of your organization.