The Benefits of Online Certifications in the Eyes of Executive Recruiters

The Benefits of Online Certifications in the Eyes of Executive Recruiters

COVID-19 has unfortunately resulted in a lot of employees having been laid off and looking for work. Unemployment in Canada is rising which means the competition for open job opportunities is increasing.

Fortunately there are an abundance of online certifications that job seekers can earn to give them a leg up on their competition for new roles. Glassdoor outlined 8 Role Specific Certifications that Impress Recruiters, and as executive recruiters ourselves we agree. If you’re looking for a certification that will fit with your interests and desired skills a simple Google Search will likely provide you with ample options as a starting point.

There are a number of either free or inexpensive certifications online that aren’t overly time consuming to give your resume a boost and increase your skills.

Here’s why online certificates can benefit you in the eyes of some of our executive search team.

“Online certifications can help a candidate stand out from the crowd. Certifications relating to your profession or industry shows a willingness to engage in development and add extra skills to your toolbox. In terms of executives, candidates with certificates for boards or governance are seen to be more suited for taking on executive leadership roles. Candidate’s that have taken an active interest in management or HR certifications may be seen to have better credentials and comfortability in leading a team. Certificates that require renewals after a certain time frame – shows that candidates are up to speed with changing trends and best practices in their fields.

Another nice thing about certificates is that recruiters and hiring managers know more about who you are outside of work including your interests, values and personality – all of which forms part of assessing a good fit for an organization.” – Christine Colverson

“Proactive and extra-curricular learning is a sign that the candidate has learning agility.” – Jenny Zhang, Talent Manager, Keynote Search

“Earning an online certificate shows that a candidate is willing to work hard and go the extra mile. It shows that the candidate takes initiative, is invested in their personal development and is eager to learn in a new role.” – Kyle Turk, VP Marketing, Keynote Search

“Earning professional certifications shows a commitment to a candidate’s interests, helps us to understand where they are taking their career and what elements of their profession hold the greatest interest to them.” – James Baker, CEO, Keynote Search

“Online certificates align your career background, trajectory and goals. For example, if you’re working in the construction industry and have a LEED certification, it demonstrates value and an interest in firms that value sustainability.” – Kelsey Mayo, Talent Associate, Keynote Search