Regional Director @ Mongrain

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Employee Share Program

Mongrain has committed to sharing the success of the business with their employees, as they develop an employee share ownership program that looks at creating new equity partners.

Fully Supported Role

You will have the full support of the CEO as you build the business.


You will walk into Mongrain and be tasked with building the business locally but already have 3 of the largest general contractors working with you for the completion of projects

Regional Director @ Mongrain

Company: Mongrain

Position: Regional Director

Location: National Capital Region

Founded in 1955 by Donat Mongrain, Mongrain is the first Quebec company to specialize in thermal insulation. Initially focused on wall protection, Mongrain has developed its range of services to include the protection of all elements of any type of building, from foundations to the roof, thus providing turnkey solutions in waterproofing, sealing, thermal protection and fireproofing of building envelopes. Now relying on its expertise passed on for three generations, Mongrain is expanding its reach geographically through new operations in Ottawa providing overall management building envelope protection. The “Mongrain tribe” brings together experts from different backgrounds for whom the performance of the building envelope is a real passion. Mongrain excels at finding sustainable solutions to any building envelope challenge to save their clients’ time, energy, and resources. Thanks to its vast network of highly specialized suppliers around the world as well as its own laboratory, the company supports professionals and owners by offering them innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions. Backed by its advisory approach, Mongrain proves to be a valuable partner for owners and developers who wish to ensure the sustainability of buildings and optimize its protection on all levels. Mongrain’s service offering is the most complete in the industry and enables it to take care of the protection of all types of buildings, from foundation to roof, whether it is a new construction or a restoration. They collaborate with architects and designers from the project’s first phases in order to offer sustainable solutions and support them until delivery.

Skills & Experience

People-Centric Leader

You will bring a demeanour of trust, honesty and humility that is balanced by drive, ambition and desire to be a business owner.

Established Network

You will be able to demonstrate a strong network within general contractors and the trades as a whole in the Ottawa region.

Experienced Project Manager

You will bring a proven track record in managing building envelope projects for a minimum for 5+ years.


You will want to take personal ownership for the Ottawa region and be looked at as a leader by your team and as someone who can handle the stress and pressure of building a business without cowering at the face of challenges.

Summary of the Role

Headquartered in Montreal, Mongrain is looking to create a new regional office to meet the project demands in the National Capital Region. As the first Regional Director, you will be the face of the business in the Ottawa area and be front and centre with clients, partners and industry peers. With an existing project portfolio and a current pipeline of opportunities in the tens of millions, you will be the business development and operational leader tasked with building out the business.

Opportunity has been filled!