Executive Director @ Resident Doctors of Canada

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Established Organization

You will be stepping into an established organization that has a defined mission and clear objectives.

Impactful Role

An opportunity to operationalize a strategic vision that impacts the lives and careers of over 10,000 resident doctors across Canada.

Balanced Role

You will be the internal senior leader whilst navigating external stakeholder relationships.

Executive Director @ Resident Doctors of Canada

Company: Resident Doctors of Canada

Position: Executive Director

Location: Ottawa, ON

RDoC serves as a catalyst for dialogue and collaborative action around the core issues facing resident doctors across Canada. The diverse pan-Canadian membership is motivated by a shared commitment to excellence and best-in-class resident physician training. RDoC works alongside national and provincial health organizations to foster meaningful dialogue and ensure collaboration relating to issues facing resident doctors. These issues include medical education, wellness, resiliency, inclusion, equity and diversity. RDoC works closely with its affiliated Provincial Housestaff Organizations (PHOs) to ensure representation and solution-oriented thinking. The organization strives to optimize the ongoing education and professional development of resident doctors through its thematic programming. RDoC’s innovative programs remove barriers to learning, enhance student health and wellbeing, and help the membership make informed choices about future education and careers. RDoC is excited to welcome an experienced Executive Director to lead the organization and serve the national interest of Resident physicians.

Skills & Experience

Member Organization Experience

Experience working as a senior executive in a national organization that represents the voices of its members.

Skilled Relationship Builder

Fueled by always looking to find common ground and solutions to help benefit your membership.

Demonstrated Ability to Work With Boards

One of your main strengths is your capacity to build, navigate and maintain relationships with stakeholders.

Leadership Experience

You lead from behind, enabling others to develop their leadership skills, and find that others gravitate towards your trusted leadership.

Strategic Mindset

You understand the importance of building an organizational brand, transference of institutional knowledge and enhancing internal processes.

Team Performance

You understand how to best utilize the talents of your team so they can continually create value for the organization.

Summary of the Role

Reporting to the Board, you will provide leadership and direction in all aspects of RDoC’s activities including strategic planning, day to day operations,
financial management, governance, communications, program development, and risk management. This role is well-suited for a mission-driven leader and skilled manager with the natural ability to develop others. This executive director is expected to bring a high-level of integrity and must be a servant leader who is comfortable leading from behind.

RDoC’s Board of Directors is composed of resident doctors from across Canada representing 7 geographical regions – the Executive Director will provide active mentorship and strategic leadership to help support the Board.

This role calls for a gifted communicator and collaborator with a successful track record in championing causes for a national community operating in a highly regulated and professional industry. The Executive Director will oversee the key organizational projects, namely: resident doctor education and training; equity, diversity and inclusion; and health and well-being. It will be your responsibility to oversee the execution of RDoC’s programs in an effective, efficient and economically viable manner across Canada. At all times, the Executive Director should be conscious of the RDoC’s mission to unify
the membership on issues and garner support from Provincial Housestaff Organizations (PHO’s) and other key stakeholders.

In particular, the Executive Director will focus on establishing key long-term relationships with partners that help realize the organization’s mission with a relentless focus on community impact and shared value for all stakeholders. Ensuring sound financial management of the organization, such as the preparation, planning, and administration of the annual budget, for review and approval by the Board of Directors. You will find effective ways to communicate and transfer institutional knowledge with incoming Board members and other stakeholders year after year and communicate a consistent brand message on behalf of the organization. You will be supporting the Board as well as mentoring new Board members in the development of their leadership skills and enabling them to move issues forward on behalf of the organization. You will be responsible for mentoring, managing and enabling the talented and dedicated staff to reach their potential. In addition you will strategically lead the development of innovative programs that increase RDoC’s reach and impact. It will be essential to use a solution oriented approach to continue to maintain and build upon the exceptional spirit of collaboration, teamwork and innovation within the organization and it’s outside stakeholders.

Opportunity has been filled!