CEO @ Ottawa Food Bank

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Doing food feels good

Every day you will get to see firsthand the results of your hard work.

Outward facing spokesperson

You will be called upon to speak to the media and be a high-profile voice in the city.

Mandate advancement

You will be afforded an opportunity to participate at the provincial and federal level on issues relating to policy reform and advocacy.

CEO @ Ottawa Food Bank

Company: Ottawa Food Bank

Position: CEO

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Ottawa Food Bank is a Canadian registered charity and non-profit organization which provides fresh and non-perishable food, as well as necessities such as diapers, toiletries, and cleaning supplies to its network of 112 emergency food programs across the city. The goal of the Ottawa Food Bank is to provide emergency food relief for people in need, while working towards doing food banking better and making wider change. As an organization, it is focused on improving access to healthy food, growing capacity and resilience in its food bank network, cultivating social innovation in food banking and participating in advocacy and social change.

Skills & Experience

Fundraising Track Record

You will have a demonstrated track record in overseeing fundraising efforts and be comfortable connecting with relevant stakeholders at a community level.

Strong Communicator

This role is a highly visible position and will require a strong communicator who has experience in public relations and you will need to be comfortable being in the spotlight.

Strategic Approach

You will have experience in overseeing programs and bring a strategic approach to creation, while allowing your team to deliver.


You will have had 10 years experience in a progressive leadership role and will have either worked for or have participated on a volunteer Board.

Strong Leader

You are a natural coach and mentor to those around you.


You have the ability to scale and grow the organization, but you are also comfortable managing the reality of today.

Summary of the Role

The Ottawa Food Bank has evolved dramatically in the last decade, quickly becoming a cornerstone of the Ottawa community. As the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ottawa Food Bank, you will lead the organization forward and maximize the impact it can have from a position of significant strength.

You will provide organizational leadership through the creation and implementation of a strategic plan with definable and measurable objectives. You will work with leadership to create goals that are clear and tangible, with a path to success. You will review and develop program strategies, ensuring they support the network of member agencies.

The Ottawa Food Bank is very visible within the community and as such, you will be the public face of the organization. You will play a critical role in promotional activities, fundraising efforts and will work closely with local media. In addition, you will be influential in advocating on behalf of the Ottawa Food Bank, its member agencies, and their clients as the goal of the organization is not only to support the need for emergency food, but to help resolve the root cause of food insecurity.

You will be accountable for good stewardship, ensuring accountability of funds and assets, the effective use of systems, and the relevance of processes. You will support the Ottawa Food Bank’s Board of Directors as they govern the organization, ensuring that ideas are creative and well thought out with an executable plan offering direct impact. You will work with the Board as they create clarity and alignment on the goals and focus for the organization moving forward. One of your key priorities is to protect what has been built and ensure that the Ottawa Food Bank can support those in need for years to come. You will achieve this through a combination of partnerships, financial efficiencies, scale, effective human capital engagement, and empowerment.

The responsibilities of the role are incredibly diverse and there will be competing needs as your commitment to being outward facing must be balanced with leading a strong management team on a day-to-day basis. From logistics, warehousing, fundraising, operations, agriculture, community engagement and advocacy, this truly is a wonderfully complex and unique opportunity to impact your city and your community every single day.

Opportunity has been filled!