Executive Director @ NROCRC

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Unique Opportunity

You will have a direct impact on people’s lives in a positive manner.

Impactful Opportunity

You will have an opportunity to advocate at all levels of government on important social issues.

Rewarding Opportunity

You will see first-hand how the services offered support residents in the community.

Executive Director @ NROCRC

Company: NROCRC

Position: Executive Director

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre (NROCRC) is a nonprofit charitable organization that works in partnership with community members and stakeholders to improve the social determinants of the health and needs of the diverse communities within Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode. The organization is part of a coalition of thirteen community health and resource centres in Ottawa and supports the largest population, over 200,000 people and serves the largest physical territory of all of Ottawa’s community resource centres. NROCRC is a trusted presence within the neighborhoods it serves and is able to offer a wide variety of services to satisfy the needs of the diverse populations in the community. A much needed, and well-used community services organization, the centre helps vulnerable individuals and families lead better lives.

Skills & Experience

Experienced NPO Leader

Experience in non-profit leadership and management, social work, community development, social sciences or a related discipline.

Creative & Innovative

The ability to develop new and unique ways to improve the operations of the organization and create opportunities for growth.

Critical Experience

Experience in the full range of managerial responsibilities, including financial management, human resources, program development and evaluation, strategic planning, and community resources.

Board Experience

Experience working with a Board of Directors and an understanding of community organizations is an asset.

Strong Communicator

You excel in a collaborative, team focused environment. You know how to make things happen by integrating different resources and can communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Effective & Efficient

You are able to demonstrate leadership, versatility and tolerance in the changing working environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of services.

Summary of the Role

The Executive Director is responsible for the successful leadership and operational management of NROCRC. Working seamlessly with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will work to define the operational direction, ensuring alignment with the organization’s strategic plan. The Executive Director leads community wellbeing and outreach services through a client-centered approach, creates an environment that encourages open minded leadership and ensures the organization’s financial stability. The primary duties and responsibilities include the execution of board policy and decisions, operational planning and service delivery, financial management, human resources management, risk management and community relations. In addition there will be a need for creativity to fundraise and support the development of fundraising initiative, including an annual event.

You will be required to develop a post pandemic strategy that enables NROCRC to continue to deliver its services in an efficient and effective manner, while taking into consideration the health and well being of employees and the population it serves.

Opportunity has been filled!