Assistant Commissioner @ CCTS

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Assistant Commissioner @ CCTS

Company: CCTS

Position: Assistant Commissioner

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services (CCTS) reviews and resolves complaints from Canadian telecom consumers about all aspects of their home phone, long distance, internet and wireless services. In 2017, the mandate of the CCTS was expanded to include complaints about TV services. The CCTS also tracks and reports publicly on service provider compliance with regulatory codes of conduct. The CCTS provides a free and impartial service to customers of approximately 250 participating service providers, represented by more than 370 customer-facing brands. The mission of the CCTS is to provide outstanding dispute resolution service to Canadian consumers, telecommunications and television service providers. The organization has high performance standards, adhering to the best principles of customer service in resolving disputes independently, fairly, effectively and efficiently.

Skills & Experience

Summary of the Role

As an Assistant Commissioner, you will be led by the Commissioner of the CCTS. You will be working closely with your fellow Assistant Commissioner and the senior levels of management in the organization. This role will be critical to the Commission’s success – your ideas, execution-focus and perspective will be valued from day one. It is expected that you will be a senior leader in the Ottawa office, providing capacity and developing your direct reports.

This role works closely with the directorship level, focusing on nurturing relationships with stakeholders. This focus will include enhancing public awareness and working tirelessly to ensure the organization is developing new and cultivating existing relationships. This Assistant Commissioner will need to be comfortable representing the CCTS in front of the media, public, regulatory body and various stakeholders groups.

The CCTS has adopted a distributed leadership model and the confidence and desire to mentor others will set you up for success in this role. This role requires you to think outside of the box, bring a new perspective and at times, be a change agent. As the organization has managed its growth through the support of various internal departments, you will need to ensure the continued building of capacity within the CCTS as it continues to grow. Developing a relationship with the Board, as well as with key internal and external stakeholders, are key aspects of the role. It is important that you are able to navigate these relationships with professionalism, building trust along the way.

On a daily basis, you will be the ‘go-to’ resource for CCTS’ in-house legal counsel and other members of the legal, regulatory, stakeholder and communications teams. From a strategic standpoint, you will be involved in clearly defining future projects and the roll-out of existing projects. This specific Assistant Commissioner role will spearhead special projects such as developing and formalizing plans for improved stakeholder engagement and public awareness.

The CCTS is moving towards a more integrated business intelligence system that will allow for deeper analysis and more responsive information feedback – this Assistant Commissioner must be comfortable in an environment that is changing and progressing.

Opportunity has been filled!