General Counsel @ National Police Federation

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General Counsel @ National Police Federation

Company: National Police Federation

Position: General Counsel

Location: Ottawa, ON

Born out of a long-standing imbalance of power, and coupled with a political climate that resulted in fewer rights being afforded to RCMP members as the force expanded, the National Police Federation was founded to represent members of the RCMP and help move the organization forward in the decades to come. Some of the core areas that will be addressed and challenged during the negotiation process include: a shift to fair and competitive wages being paid to members, providing for proper staffing and training for new members, as well creating a more modern benefits package. The founders and executives of the NPF have long held the position that members of the RCMP deserve a viable, representative voice, similar to the ones afforded to other police organizations across Canada and around the world. In a historic vote that took place in late 2018 with the results being announced in July 2019, voting members of the RCMP elected, with an overwhelming majority, to certify the National Police Federation as their new bargaining agent. The National Police Federation has assembled a team of well-researched, knowledgeable, professional and credible members who are passionate about advancing all members’ rights and protecting all members’ interests and benefits. The NPF Board met in early January 2020 in Ottawa to further buildout the framework for how the Federation will function and sustain itself as it advances the interests of its members. The NPF’s Board is comprised of 17 elected leaders from across Canada, including the organization’s co-founder, Brian Sauvé who serves as the President. The NPF is the largest police association/union in Canada by far and second in North America only to the NYPD.

Skills & Experience


Open-minded and values the opinions and perspectives of others


Deep understanding of labour relations and employment law

Interest in Strategic Litigation

Stems from a demonstrable background handling novel and precedent setting cases

Legal Expertise

You are 10 years+ your call to the bar, with a license to practice law in any of the Canadian provinces


Comfortable balancing a strategic role with a hands-on operational role


Guided and driven by your passion to make a direct impact on the lives of individuals

Summary of the Role

The mission of the NPF is to provide strong, fair and progressive representation to promote and enhance the rights of RCMP members. As the General Counsel for the NPF this role will be the most senior legal resource in the organization. Reporting directly to the President, the General Counsel will provide strategic legal advice and legal risk analysis on key decisions affecting the NPF and its membership. The General Counsel will also be responsible for providing the members of the NPF with legal representation – primarily by way of instructing external counsel.

By bringing legal services in-house, the NPF wants to ensure a more strategic, deliberate and effective triaging of member-related cases. On a daily basis this General Counsel will receive, review and action labour relations cases involving members of the NPF. Cases will need to be mapped, categorized, reviewed and actioned – this role will select and instruct external legal counsel, as necessary, in order to provide the best and most effective level of support to the member on the ground.

This General Counsel will also be responsible for providing advice and guidance on internal policies and procedures. As the NPF continues to transition out of ‘start-up’ mode, there will be requests for advice relating to governance, contracts and policy positioning. This General Counsel will need to balance and respond to the legal needs of the NPF and its membership.

Opportunity has been filled!