Chief Operating Officer @ Euro Tile & Stone

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Unique Opportunity

You will represent an evolution in the company as its first COO.

Growth Opportunity

Help define the next stage of this company’s growth plan and internal structure.

Vital Role

This role requires that you are involved in every part of the business.

Chief Operating Officer @ Euro Tile & Stone

Company: Euro Tile & Stone

Position: COO

Location: Ottawa, ON

Over the past 5-years, Euro Tile & Stone has seen strategic growth – recently breaking into the Toronto market. The buzz around the new Toronto showroom and warehouse is palpable and it is expected to be up and running by the summer of 2020. There is also more warehouse space set to come online in Ottawa to meet the demand of the repeat and loyal customers of Euro Tile & Stone. They also have an active distributor base in Montreal and see opportunity to expand that market over the next few years. The team is proud to be celebrating their 33rd year as a family-owned business and continue to innovate, grow and push the boundaries to ensure that the company maintains its status as the leading player in the industry.

Skills & Experience

Important Experience

Experience overseeing supply chain management, preferably in a commercial retail setting.

Core Requirement

Distribution and logistics experience is the core need.

Fiscally Minded

The ability to keep an eye on the numbers and be actively involved in setting financial targets.

Past Responsibilities

You have driven and scaled growth in a medium-size, premium retail company over a number of years.

Ability to Drive Results

You are a self-starter who is able to motivate a diverse team and are results oriented.

Vital Experience

Working in a family-run business, ideally in generational succession planning and transition.

Summary of the Role

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) you will be reporting directly to the President & CEO of Euro Tile & Stone. You will be responsible for the daily operations of the company which
includes overseeing the retail business, commercial sales, supply chain, logistics and distribution. It is expected that you will be a constant presence in the Ottawa office, and also overseeing the new Toronto operations and Montreal distribution center.

You will be a strong partner and key communicator to the President & CEO of Euro Tile & Stone. This role has been described as being the ‘right-hand’ person, the ‘second in command’. You will need to ensure that there are routine updates and a smooth flow of communication between yourself and the President & CEO. This role requires a dedicated and progressive leader who respects the existing foundations and builds upon them in a consultative, collaborative and decisive manner.

On a daily basis you will be the ‘go-to’ resource. It is your role to be the ultimate team leader and nurture change where necessary. From a strategic stand-point, you will be involved in clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of existing staff, as well as identifying staffing gaps. You will be responsible for fostering a positive climate of staff engagement. You will be responsible for overseeing the staffing and onboarding of new employees, the mentorship and coaching of midlevel management and enforcing HR policies. You will be the most senior operations manager in the company, responsible for recognizing and nurturing talent to ensure the company can continue to scale organically.

Euro Tile & Stone’s supply chain, logistics and warehousing management are fundamental to executing on its value and service proposition of having merchandise in inventory and delivering quickly on sales. You will be responsible to oversee the team of supply chain, logistics and warehouse managers, their functions and to drive continuous improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. You will be responsible to continue to implement structure in these areas and ensure they evolve effectively as they become more complex as business continues to grow.

You will also be directly involved in the creation and execution of a long-term strategic plan backed by clear operational priorities. This role will be spearheading special projects such as technology infrastructure and overall business development campaigns.

You will be directly involved in the financial management of the company including setting budgets, and holding accountable various departments and locations. As the key point person for service partners you will develop strong relationships with both existing and new firms. This would include legal, financial and real estate. In essence you will be overseeing and responsible for all day-day operations and be responsible for driving continuous growth of Euro Tile & Stone.

Opportunity has been filled!