Director of Materials & Supply Chain @ Element5

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Unique Management Position

You will be able to participate in possibly the largest change to the construction industry in the last 50 years.

Stacked Project Pipeline

Element5 is sited to participate in some of the leading mass timber projects in North America.

Growth Opportunity

You will be afforded the chance to lead key components of this business, and be a part of this exciting building phase.

Director of Materials & Supply Chain @ Element5

Company: Element5 Co.

Position: Director of Materials & Supply

Location: London, ON

Element5 is a small and dedicated team of designers, project managers, craftspeople and installation experts. Element5 specializes in the design, fabrication and assembly of contemporary timber structures. They work with solid wood, the world’s most flexible and renewable building resource. Their purpose is to create spaces that will help communities thrive as they live, learn and work. Their integrated customer-oriented approach ensures the delivery of high precision timber structures, tailored to fit your schedule and budget.

Skills & Experience

Leader in Materials

The opportunity to drive true impact within a sustainable, high-growth company.

Specific Experience

Strong working knowledge of ERP systems and implementation, gained through experience in master resource planning within a mid-size organization.


You likely have an education in supply chain management or procurement processes.


You have a natural tendency to collaborate and lead other people.

Flexible Approach

Learns by doing, rather than theory, and are flexible in your approach to multiple moving parts.

High-Stakes Problem Solver

Enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems swiftly.

Summary of the Role

Reporting into the VP of Manufacturing, the Director of Materials and Supply Chain will lead the company through all planning initiatives, and will be the principal person in charge of the fluidity and execution of the master production schedule.

Element5 is currently undergoing extensive growth and scaling at an incredibly high speed.

This is a leadership position where you will act as both a resource manager and a people manager, leading the supply chain strategy team through the execution of a new ERP system implementation. You will work through interfaces with the project team as it relates to the planning and forecasting of customer order shipments.

You will be given the freedom to undertake all make/buy decisions, purchasing supplies and materials according to specifications and projects. More specifically, you will be tasked with the opportunity to initiate continuing programs of exploration for new materials, suppliers, and processes in order to achieve the best possible quality, reliability, prices, continuity, and delivery within the company. Through these initiatives, the objective is to ensure that all established procedures are in place, all while supervising the annual physical inventory.

Moreover, through this role, you will have the opportunity to nurture and maintain solid relationships with negotiators as well as suppliers within the industry.

Opportunity has been filled!