Director of Leasing @ Colonnade Bridgeport

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Be a Leader

An opportunity to lead the expansion of an established leasing team in a new market.

Critical Role

You will be a central figure in the communication between stakeholders, in-house personnel and outside partners.

“No Reigns” Role

Enable you to use your entrepreneurial spirit to drive new business in the direction you feel is right for the company.

Director of Leasing @ Colonnade Bridgeport

Company: Colonnade Bridgeport

Position: Director of Leasing

Location: Toronto, ON

Now a household name in Ottawa’s commercial real estate industry, Colonnade BridgePort is respected for its market knowledge and ability to help private and institutional investors develop and execute real estate strategies to meet their investment objectives and exceed target returns. The focus is on building relationships with clients based on the principles of trust and integrity with a commitment to the relentless execution of strategies to meet their investment objectives. It is these relationships that are fuelling the expansion into the GTA and Colonnade BridgePort is proud that its clients and partners have confidence in their ability to execute as they expand into the GTA. The company has a team of property managers, accountants, and marketing and leasing professionals working from two locations in Toronto and Mississauga. With a five-year strategic plan backed by clear competitive advantages they are proactively building on the 2.1 million square feet of real estate currently under management in the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe areas. As a relationship-focused firm, Colonnade BridgePort works tirelessly to maintain an ethos of ‘more in return’ for all stakeholders. It is this commitment to win-win outcomes that will drive them to capture a strong market position led by a commercially astute Director of Leasing in the GTA.

Skills & Experience

A Closer

Lend your support to the business development team and prove your leadership and experience on the closing side of the sales cycle.

Industry Knowledge

You will understand the institutional side of leasing, have thorough knowledge of the broker network in the city and understand the nuances of the submarkets in the GTA.

10+ Years Experience

You will be an experienced leasing professional with a proven track record of success.

Commercial Leasing Experience

You will have been exposed to leasing in retail, industrial and office space.


You love the hustle but hate the bureaucracy and red tape that holds back some larger firms.

Growth Leader

You will bring a presence and voice to the leadership team while demonstrating the leadership skills to assemble an outstanding leasing team of your own.

Summary of the Role

Early on in your tenure at Colonnade BridgePort, your role will be hands on, providing you an opportunity to learn the Colonnade BridgePort structure and culture, while rolling up your sleeves conducting day-to-day leasing activities. The intermediate and long-term vision is focused on growth. You will use your knowledge of the GTA/GGH market to develop relationships with brokers and instill confidence in owners and investors that you can support their leasing needs. You will be in a client facing role that will see you managing the expectations of owners and asset managers, and delivering results as you support your team in the completion of leasing transactions.

As you establish yourself and become accustomed to our unique value proposition and high level of customer care, you will shift your focus to developing your team and building out a full service leasing team to support anticipated growth. In time, your goal is to build a best-in-class leasing department, independent of the team in Ottawa, but built on the same guiding principles of client service.

Opportunity has been filled!