Chief Administration Officer @ National Police Federation

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Critical Role

The NPF is a newly formed organization and the role of the CAO sits at the executive level, working with the elected President to ensure the successful creation and execution of the strategic plan.

Career-Making Role

You will be the person who took an idea, a concept that was approved and requested by the second largest police force in North America and built an organization to specifically represent their interests.

Key Leadership

This is an opportunity to take a key leadership role in an organization at the forefront of changing the narrative of policing in Canada - very few similar opportunities exist.

Chief Administration Officer @ National Police Federation

Company: National Police Federation

Position: Chief Administration Officer

Location: Ottawa, ON

Born out of a long-standing imbalance of power, and coupled with a political climate that resulted in fewer rights being afforded to RCMP members as the force expanded, the National Police Federation was founded to represent members of the RCMP and help move the organization forward in the decades to come. Some of the core areas that will be addressed and challenged during the negotiation process include: a shift to fair and competitive wages being paid to members, providing for proper staffing and training for new members, as well creating a more modern benefits package. The founders and executives of the NPF have long held the position that members of the RCMP deserve a viable, representative voice, similar to the ones afforded to other police organizations across Canada and around the world. In a historic vote that took place in late 2018 with the results being announced in July 2019, voting members of the RCMP elected, with an overwhelming majority, to certify the National Police Federation as their new bargaining agent. The National Police Federation has assembled a team of well-researched, knowledgeable, professional and credible members who are passionate about advancing all members’ rights and protecting all members’ interests and benefits. The NPF’s executives and board members met in early January 2020 in Ottawa to further build-out the framework for how the Federation will function and sustain itself as it advances the interests of its members. The NPF’s board of directors is comprised of 17 elected leaders from across Canada, including the organization’s co-founder, Brian Sauvé who will serve as the President. When the NPF formally launches operations later this winter, it will the largest police association/union in Canada by far and second in North America only to the NYPD.

Skills & Experience

Track Record of Success

Establishing and building-out organizations.

Essential Experience

It is critical that you herald from an NPO, NGO or non-profit with a national agenda.

Governance Experience

Experience on the governance side of operating organizations is a huge plus.

Ability to Make Things Happen

Your good grace and humour will be balanced with a practical and deliberate approach that enables you to move the needle quickly and emphatically.

Summary of the Role

As the CAO, you will support and direct the build-out of a brand new organization where everything from hiring a leadership team to establishing a physical office and selecting technology platforms will be needed. You will have to balance the need of creating a strategy for the Federation, with the necessity to execute day to day business critical operations that will enable the organization to start bringing value to the member base.

Located at a new HQ in Ottawa, a location you’ll be responsible for finding and getting established, you’ll be tasked with taking the NPF from a $0 budget organization to one that can capably serve more than 20000 members across Canada. This will require an exceptional corporate structure and internal governance model that is beyond reproach. You will be required to establish localized offices and a national support mechanism to support members.

Reporting to the board of directors, you will work with the four-member executive committee that is tasked with steering the overall organizational strategy. You will ensure the operational success of the NPF while enabling the President to take a public facing role and advocate for the organization within the RCMP, federal, provincial and municipal governments.

The key areas of delivery and some key elements needed in year one will be:
• Human Resources – Establish your leadership team
• Labour Relations – Develop and build-out localized labour relations support for
members across Canada;
• Corporate framework – Communicate an initial four-year corporate strategy,
establish and implement organizational policies and procedures and secure and
open a physical office in Ottawa; and
• Membership representation – Establish relationships with third party corporate
partners and oversight for government relations.

Opportunity has been filled!