Chief Executive Officer @ Ottawa Board of Trade

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Strategic Leadership Opportunity

This role includes the development and oversight of the strategic direction and leadership of the organization, and you will work closely with the board of directors to implement and refine a compelling strategic vision.

Growth Potential

You will have an opportunity to foster a dynamic and visionary brand identity which will help the organization to grow in size and diversify in terms of areas of influence.

Make an Impact

Help Ottawa-based companies of all sizes increase their visibility, raise their profile, and create new business opportunities through business partnerships, networking, educational events, award recognitions, publications, and more.

Chief Executive Officer @ Ottawa Board of Trade

Company: Ottawa Board of Trade

Position: CEO

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Ottawa Board of Trade has been serving the Ottawa business community as an independent, non-partisan, member-driven business association for over 160 years. Their mission is to create business and community prosperity through advocacy, economic development and leadership. They are the key business advocate for the community and a catalyst for positive change in Ottawa. Their current strategic plan outlines three pillars that provide a framework for their priorities, policies and programs: building businesses, creating prosperity, growing opportunities for Ottawa. Two decades ago the City of Ottawa and surrounding municipalities amalgamated while their corresponding Chambers of Commerce remained. In 2018, the final three Chambers consolidated to form the new Ottawa Board of Trade. This was a legacy move for the Ottawa business community and positions them well to ‘scale up’ as the community faces a time of unprecedented change and disruption in the global economy.

Skills & Experience

Senior Leader

You have a background in business and have worked at the senior leadership level as an executive.

Strategic Planning

Demonstrated experience creating and executing on a strategic plan that drives value through diverse stakeholder groups.

Representing Members

Experience acting as an ambassador or advocate for people or businesses, and appreciate the need for tactful yet committed negotiation and lobbying on behalf of members.

Ottawa Promoter

Developing or furthering your role as a thought leader in the local business community, and a demonstrated track record of helping Ottawa become an ever-greater place to live, work, and invest.

A True Leader

Experience evolving office dynamics and culture positively, and the ability to engage, drive and motivate a team by a clear and achievable vision.


A natural tendency to collaborate, and you take pride in building strong partnerships within business and the wider community.

Summary of the Role

As Chief Executive Officer you will be responsible for leading the Ottawa Board of Trade as it looks to create new strategies to strengthen and expand in all areas, including membership, governance, advocacy, and relations with the wider community. Your role will include development and oversight of the strategic direction and leadership of the organization, and you will work closely with the board of directors to implement and refine a compelling strategic vision. As an influential leader and problem solver, you will cultivate relationships with external stakeholders in order to leverage the organization’s influence and advance the strategic direction you have helped to develop.

At all times, your actions and your attitude will embody the values, mission and vision of the organization. With collaboration in mind, and the desire to be the “voice of business in Ottawa”, you will develop meaningful relationships with all levels of government, and you will work tirelessly to foster and maintain positive relationships with other key players in the local and national economic development community.

The ability to lead in an effective and collaborative manner is a must. You will have oversight of a small yet high-impact team that is responsible for member relations, corporate communications, advocacy, event coordination and design, and daily operations. Your role is to guide the team by developing a strong sense of organizational culture that ties into the mission and vision of OBOT. With a strong business background, you will understand the financial side of business operations, with the goal of increasing revenues through membership growth as well as locating and securing other sources of funding. As the organization grows, so too will your team, allowing you to take a strategic stance on a wider range of issues that affect the membership.

As the primary public face of the organization, you will seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other leaders in similar roles. As a natural convener, you will work to assemble leaders around the table from a variety of backgrounds. As the voice of Ottawa’s business community, you will be eager to lead the discussion in areas where OBOT has unique expertise or insight. You will advocate on behalf of the business community while directing an agenda that will best serve the membership base as well as the wider Ottawa community.

Opportunity has been filled!