Director of Corporate Services @ Gifford Carr Insurance Group

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Growth Opportunity

Join a company who has not only seen impressive growth, but is poised to continue and expand this significant growth in the coming years.

Exciting Opportunity

You will be positioned as the go to for operations and working on the strategic and tactical execution of growth plans.

Critical Role

Contribute to the overall success of the organization, and if done right, will provide you with future opportunities for growth within the organization

Director of Corporate Services @ Gifford Carr Insurance Group

Company: Gifford Carr Insurance Group

Position: Director of Corporate Services

Location: Ottawa, ON

Dating back to 1948, Gifford Carr Insurance Group have been passionate advocates for their clients for over 70 years. Delivering personal and business insurance solutions to their clients, Gifford Carr Insurance Group is built on a community-oriented foundation. An independent insurance brokerage, licensed across Canada and offices located across Ontario, they are free from the constraints and self-interests of a large corporation. With access to countless policies and plans, nationwide, Gifford Carr prioritizes their clients’ needs above all else.

Providing the warm, family feel of a small business with the big city convenience of access to insurance solutions across Canada, Gifford Carr is dedicated to connecting with the right insurance partners to ensure their clients are protected. Their relationships with these insurance partners ensures they find the best coverage to protect their clients. As they continue to grow to support communities across the province, the priorities remain the same – protecting what matters to their clients.

Skills & Experience

Career Background

Public accounting, or risen up through accounting and finance within mid-size private companies

Operational finance leader

Strong understanding of business optimization and are able to execute against financial strategies and priorities

Role Experience

Experience in corporate operations, specifically in developing corporate wide policies and procedures


Exposure to mergers and acquisitions, as well integrating these assets into the main operating company


Collaborative, supportive and committed to developing long-term and loyal employees


Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. An asset if you hold a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation or an MBA

Summary of the Role

Responsible for the overall financial management and corporate administration of Gifford Carr, this Director will oversee the company’s overall investment strategy, corporate finance and oversight of accounting. Reporting into the President, the Director of Corporate Services will provide thoughtful leadership and oversight of Gifford Carr’s financial and business affairs. In addition they will have direct reports in marketing, need to implement appropriate policies, procedures and resources to effectively manage procurement and purchasing, human resources and technology (IT and system management). The Director of Corporate Services will work to modernize, and if needed, overhaul processes to design a stronger, more strategic foundation, all while addressing inefficiencies along the way. This Director must prioritize the operational sustainability of the organization and ensure the foundation is solid and scalable as they move towards being a nine figure organization.

The Director of Corporate Services will direct, manage and execute a significant financial growth strategy, in collaboration with the President, while overseeing the day-to-day accounting operations of the company. At the forefront of this growth strategy will be the strategic merging and acquiring of smaller brokerages across Canada. This Director will be responsible for the ongoing evaluation of vendors, alliances and strategic business partnerships and managing investments, with the mandate of maintaining and ultimately increasing profitability in order to support Gifford Carr’s organic growth alongside their acquisition growth plan. As you continue to fulfill your mandate, you will need to look into expanding the team’s capacity, specifically prioritizing the hiring of human resources and administrative support professionals.

Opportunity has been filled!