President @ Bruyère Foundation

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Incredible Opportunity

Be at the forefront of a legacy-building initiative that will have a massive and lasting impact on Ottawa’s community

Focused on Redevelopment

You will be ushering in the next phase of Bruyère, not only growing the organization, but most importantly, improving the care that Bruyère provides

Critical Role

This President, reporting into the Foundation’s Board of Directors, will be responsible for providing overall leadership of the Foundation

President @ Bruyère Foundation

Company: Bruyère Foundation

Position: President

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Bruyère Foundation is passionately dedicated to finding, encouraging and nurturing champions for the aging population and those requiring complex medical care through informed and inspirational community involvement. The Foundation is focused on raising funds to improve the lives of patients, residents and families of all hospitals, care facilities and long term residences under the Bruyère umbrella. They are constantly driven by the complex needs that arise within these organizations and are determined to ensure the financial stability of the organizations it serves through careful and thoughtful stewardship of funds.

As they look to expand the care offered, The Foundation will support new innovative approaches to wellness and aging such as the Bruyère Village, while ensuring continued financial support of research and development efforts that will lead to policy change and the creation of new approaches to enhance the quality of life of the ageing population. The Foundation is looking to welcome a new President who will work to share the Bruyère story with the community in order to fundraise for the future of Bruyère and the patients it serves.

Skills & Experience

Proven Track Record of Success

Fundraising for large initiatives through capital campaigns, major gifts, corporate sponsorships and community engagement

Strong Network

You bring a strong network of donors with you to Bruyère and are confident in your ability to continue these relationships while facilitating others in the community


Ability to lead positively and work collaboratively with others to set goals, solve problems, and make important decisions


Strong communication skills, preferably in both official languages, both oral and written

Strategic Mind

The ability to assess different options and measures based on current trends and circumstances


Experience or a background in successful marketing and branding initiatives would serve you well in this role

Summary of the Role

This President, reporting into the Foundation’s Board of Directors, will be responsible for providing overall leadership of the Foundation.

Key to the role will be implementing and executing the strategic direction when it comes to fundraising, communication and community engagement in order to ensure the Foundation can fulfill its overall mission. You will act as a spokesperson for the Bruyère Foundation alongside the Chair of the Board of Directors, with the objective of expressing and making known, both internally and externally, the mission, objectives, strategies and values of the Foundation. You will be a key liaison to donors, stakeholders, and partners.

Bruyère is kicking off a large capital campaign, and the President will play an integral role in the preparation and execution of this major undertaking. After many decades in its current locations, Bruyère is looking forward to embarking on the first stage of a major building infrastructure redevelopment plan. The Foundation, and consequently the President, will work to form key partnerships and collaborate with the philanthropic sector, donors, stakeholders and partners in order to support the execution of this major redevelopment plan. You will play an integral role in shaping and developing a creative fundraising strategy and action plan, with the goal of raising a major portion of the redevelopment cost in order to secure the Ministry of Health’s financial backing for the project. Simultaneously, you will cultivate and maintain relationships with donors, sponsors, and volunteers and participate in key fundraising initiatives and activities.

Your role will include financial oversight of the Foundation. You will oversee the preparation, planning, and administration of the Foundation’s budgets and targets in order to confidently communicate these to the Board of Directors and Bruyère’s Senior Strategy Team. As you look to accomplish the Foundation’s goals around continued delivery of services and the redevelopment initiative, you will need to grow the Foundation’s team. You will be supported by the human resources, finance and communications departments of the Hospital which works with the Foundation in a shared service model to support the Foundation in these aspects.

Opportunity has been filled!