Director of Corporate Partnerships @ Pallium

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Compassionate Mission

This is an opportunity to work for an organization that is dedicated to improving the end of life experience for all Canadians.

Significant Opportunities

Pilot projects have proved an exceptional success for corporate partners in the pharmaceutical sector, alongside additional opportunities to create tailored relationships with financial services and insurance organizations.

Critical Role

This role is integral in ensuring the financial sustainability of Pallium as it moves forward with locating new sources of funding.

Director of Corporate Partnerships @ Pallium

Company: Pallium Canada

Position: Director of Corporate Partnerships

Location: Ottawa, ON

This non-profit organization brings together a large network of stakeholders, educators, and recognized experts, both nationally and internationally, to develop and update training tools and resources for healthcare professionals and the public to focus on person-centered palliative care. Since its inception in 2001, Pallium has trained over 15,000 healthcare professionals utilizing its evidence-informed Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP) courseware. Pallium’s suite of LEAP products has been adopted by various sponsors, including but not limited to, provincial health authorities, long-term care facilities, paramedic teams and hospitals. The uptake of LEAP courseware has primarily grown organically, supported by its strong reputation of proven results. Looking ahead, Pallium is committed to proactively growing the breadth and scope of its sponsor base to support the organization’s aggressive market penetration objectives.

Skills & Experience

Experience with Boards

Experience in Board management and the ability to coach, develop and motivate members

Corporate Partnerships

Minimum ten years relevant and progressive experience in partner development, and strategy development preferably in the charitable sector

Ability to Strategize

Expertise in strategic planning and implementation of the partnership cycle (solicitation, activation, stewardship, renewal/upselling and day-to-day account management

Relevant Industry Exposure

Expertise in health administration, or similar public sector environment, and strategic and operational planning

Persuasive Demeanour

You can stand in front of anyone and conduct persuasive, creative and powerful presentations, with skilled judgment and decision-making

Excellent Communicator

Creation of proposals and supporting documents in response to solicitations, alongside exceptional oral communication skills

Summary of the Role

Reporting to the CEO, the Director, Corporate Partnerships will play a leadership role in leading Pallium in a new strategic direction focusing on expanding revenue streams and establishing multi-year funding partners. This newly developed position will give the successful candidate the ability to design and shape a successful fund development strategy and lead a highly successful organization to the next stage of financial stability and growth.

Working for Pallium will provide you with the chance to engage with stakeholders nationally who have been impacted by palliative care and are motivated to improve end of life care for each of us. This will likely include conversations with individuals who have been positively and negatively impacted, seeking to impact change in the sector. Their gifts, endowments and support will be a driving force to Pallium becoming a self-sustaining organization, ensuring that government funding is not imperative to survive. Beyond individual donors and corporations, you will engage with corporate and private funding bodies and other grant-making organizations across the country. There is a significant opportunity for corporate partners to assist in the delivery of program content to healthcare professionals and everyone in the compassionate community eco-system. With a captive audience on their courses of 10’s of thousands of doctors, nurses and care practitioners, a corporate partner has a unique opportunity to deliver a national partnership to a targeted audience, while truly impacting the lives of Canadians.

Opportunity has been filled!