Senior Director, Health & Safety @ Bellai Construction

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Commitment to Safety

The company’s commitment to quality and the well-being of its workers sets them apart from other companies in their industry.

Position of Influence

You will be the voice of authority and reason, providing workers with practical skills, mentorship and strategies that put safety at the forefront and empower everyone to do their job properly and efficiently.

Critical Role

The new health and safety executive will take ownership of this critical value and will be an integral part of this company’s success moving forward.

Senior Director, Health & Safety @ Bellai Construction

Company: Bellai Construction

Position: Senior Director, Health & Safety

Location: Ottawa, ON

Founded over 65 years ago, this 2nd generation family-operated business has a proud history with strong roots in its community and proudly represents two provinces with offices in Ottawa and Gatineau. Their main lines of business include concrete formwork, concrete placing & finishing, masonry, concrete pumping and concrete structure restoration. Their highly experienced delivery team completes projects on time and on budget. From highly-skilled tradesmen to the most current crane equipment and formwork systems, Bellai Construction has the resources, knowledge and capacity to meet any client’s needs efficiently, accurately and safely.

Skills & Experience

Background in Safety

Has a fundamental belief in the safety and well-being of workers

Policy Implementation

Safety practices, ratings and performance

Industry Knowledge

Extensive safety training in the construction industry

Experience Enhancing Culture

Ability to enhance family-focused culture with health and safety

Positive Leadership

Proven track record of positive lasting change

Ethical Training

Highly motivated, ethical and are not afraid to stand by health and safety policies

Summary of the Role

Bellai is seeking a health and safety executive who will oversee all aspects of the company’s health, safety and well-being. A leader who will build to enhance and fine-tune an existing safety program that is well regarded, delivering best in class but also practical solutions that tie into the overall culture of the business. This role will ensure the standards of worksite health and safety are among the best in the industry and will assist in raising the bar in terms of accountability for all members of the team. Safety is at the forefront of the culture at Bellai and this role will ensure it is second nature to every employee.

This role reports directly to the President but the main day to day interactions will be with all department heads and team leaders. You will have an opportunity to enhance and fine-tune an already established safety program by bringing in new ideas and an out of the box approach to solving complex issues. Your enhancements will elevate the safety culture to new heights, firmly establishing that the safety of all employees and other workers on sites is the top priority, ultimately ensuring that they can all return home to their families at the end of every day.

You will be influential in continuing the change in culture the leadership desires. There is no getting away from the fact that this is a high-risk industry where safety has always been a key component of daily operations. With that said, innovative, effective safety strategies and policies are always needing to be reviewed, updated and enforced.

This is a once in a career opportunity to make your mark on the health and safety arena of the construction industry. You will have complete oversight of the health and safety department and be responsible for enhancing a safety legacy at Bellai that keeps hundreds of people safe for years to come. You will report directly to the President and be accountable for all health and safety department decisions.

Opportunity has been filled!