Director of Information Technology @ National Police Federation

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Autonomous Decision-Making

This role will utilize your deep IT skillset and provide you with an opportunity to be an autonomous decision-maker with direct access to senior leadership.

Impactful Role

On a daily basis, your actions will have impact and significance on an international, national and provincial level.

Unique Opportunity

This role is a blank slate - you will be leading the strategic vision, making decisions and managing all aspects of the NPF’s IT infrastructure.

Director of Information Technology @ National Police Federation

Company: National Police Federation

Position: Director of Information Technology

Location: Canada

After a landmark ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada in 2015, members of the RCMP were granted the right to form an association and collectively bargain with the federal government, resulting in the creation of the National Police Federation (NPF). The NPF represents Members of the RCMP from a fact-based, and balanced perspective to promote and enhance the rights of regular Members and reservists below the rank of Inspector. Today, the NPF is proud to represent over 20,000 members of the RCMP and is the sole certified bargaining agent for regular members and reservists. The NPF is by far the largest police association in Canada and one of the largest in the world. We have a growing and committed staff team, who are inspired by the opportunity to create and deliver meaningful value and positive change for our Members across the country.

Skills & Experience

Experienced IT Professional

Previous experience in a membership based organization.


10+ years into your career with a relevant degree such as computer science or management information systems.

Essential Strength

Ability to manage and oversee various vendors and outsourced resources to ensure harmony and progression.

Strategic Planning

A demonstrable background overseeing large IT infrastructure builds.


Comfortable explaining complex IT projects and strategies to senior leaders without a technical background.


Experience and expertise in data management systems and cyber security will be highly valued.

Summary of the Role

NPF’s IT Director will be the most senior technology resource in the organization, reporting directly to the Chief Administrative Officer. This role will involve a combination of high-level strategic decision-making, as well as large-scale project management.

One of the key areas of focus for this role will be database management, both from an accessibility and usability perspective. The IT Director will oversee the creation of a membership portal that will allow members to access services and support. From an internal perspective, this portal will help identify, categorize and track members, records and relevant service activations. The metrics obtained from this system will need to be readily accessible, quantifiable and relevant in order to feed into various organizational strategic objectives. The IT Director will also be responsible for IT deployment and training across the country.

By bringing management of IT services in-house, the NPF wants to ensure a more strategic, deliberate and effective deployment and use of membership data. On a daily basis, the IT Director will identify and evaluate systems, oversee these systems, monitor security and compliance with appropriate legislation and regulations, and manage external vendors in their performance of services to the NPF. The IT Director will translate the needs and objectives of the NPF into an organization-wide IT strategy and oversee the various implementation projects. This role requires the ability to successfully obtain a government security clearance, Level Secret (Level II).

Opportunity has been filled!