Chief Revenue Officer – GoFor Delivers

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Key Decision Maker

You will have full autonomy over the sales function and be empowered to develop and execute a sales strategy that aligns with the organizational strategy.

Clear Road Map

Within 3 years you could easily be leading a world renowned sales team in a globally recognized platform as a service provider.

Unique Opportunity

This is an opportunity to utilize your sales expertise in a technology company that is revolutionizing the logistics industry.

Chief Revenue Officer – GoFor Delivers

Company: GoFor Delivers

Position: Chief Revenue Officer

Location: North America

Established in 2016, GoFor’s online and mobile apps were created to support on-demand delivery services in the construction sector, filling the void for contractors that needed a few extra supplies delivered in a timely manner. Since then, GoFor has expanded its offering to fill the need for same-day and last mile logistics support for distributors, suppliers and retailers. GoFor’s flexible, on-demand services allow businesses to supplement their busy fleets or choose GoFor as their exclusive outsourced logistics partner for affordable and reliable local and out-of-town deliveries. GoFor has grown rapidly and currently operates in over 50 urban markets across North America. With a driven team and best-in-class technology solutions supported by unparalleled client service, they plan to continue their expansion to more cities across the USA and Canada in the next 12 months. GoFor’s technology is unique and impacts the supply chain at a complex and critical stage, normalizing complicated problems and enabling a predictable delivery solution that can be monitored. With national-level partnerships being integral to the growth, they are already working with Fortune 500 retailers as an integrated part of their e-commerce process and have started to strategically identify national partnerships in other retail sectors. The founders of GoFor are driven and passionate. Having recently secured series A financing, they are pushing to become a leading technology player providing last mile logistics solutions in the B2B and B2C space.

Skills & Experience

Successful Track Record

Leading sales in a rapidly scaling marketplace, PaaS or SaaS company and have led growth in revenue for the $10’s of millions to $100’s of millions.

Strong Relationships

Building in-depth and lasting relationships with top retail and/or logistic brands. Ideally you have existing connections with C-level executives from big retail or logistic brands across the US.

Aligning Objectives

You know how to set effective KPI metrics to inspire and stretch the team to achieve sales goals which align with the company’s business objectives.


You are able to generate insights from complex data and convert these into sales needs by engaging with cross functional departments.

Industry Experience

Previous experience in technology companies who provide logistic solutions to retailers is a key asset for this role.


You are a confident, action-oriented, self-motivated, customer-centric professional who brings an entrepreneurial and creative approach that is effective in a rapidly changing environment.

Summary of the Role

GoFor is at a critical point in its growth and focused on reaching its next major milestone of going from a $10 million company, to a $100 million company.

Having recently secured series A funding, and with series B discussions underway, they are well capitalized to support this growth. They have established a unique value proposition and best in class offering to clients and hold a strong position in the logistics space. This has enabled them to rapidly grow their customer base of Fortune 500 companies across North America.

As the CRO you will be a major driving force in meeting and exceeding this milestone. You will be responsible and accountable for all activities relating to revenue generation of the sales organization at GoFor. Working closely with the CEO, you will define, implement and execute a sales strategy for optimal performance and to drive results. You will be responsible for designing an effective sales organization to include resource planning, channel design and development, sales forecasting and integration with internal teams. You will lead the team through change by continuously assessing the organization’s needs and foster a culture of accountability, high-performance and customer-centric thinking.

You will bring with you key relationships with big brand retailers and channel partners and convert them into GoFor’s client base.

Opportunity has been filled!