Chief Financial Officer @ Ottawa-Based Organization (Confidential)

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Flourishing Organization

The sectors this business serves has consistently shown resilience in changing markets and the firm has long-term public projects.

Strong Leadership

The leadership team is practical and logical. They understand the importance of in-depth financial information.

Trust & Accountability

They are committed to giving you the trust and accountability that is necessary for you to lead and deliver on the financial needs of the business.

Chief Financial Officer @ Ottawa-Based Organization (Confidential)

Company: Ottawa-Based Organization (Confidential)

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Location: Ottawa, ON

Keynote Search is proud to partner with an established, well-known local organization as they search for their next Chief Financial Officer.

Skills & Experience


Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)


Strong understanding of tax, likely including In-Depth tax II


Started your career in public accounting, or climbed the ranks at mid-size private companies

Leadership Style

Collaborative, supportive and committed to developing long term and loyal employees


Modernizing and optimizing financial systems, developing complex reporting, dashboards and KPIs

Industry Experience

Strong experience in the construction, contracting or related industries where you have gained an understanding of Work In Progress (WIP)

Summary of the Role

This organization has progressed to the point where they need a senior strategic financial leader. They are searching for someone who will be able to oversee the full day-to-day financial operations of the company, while working to modernize, and if needed, overhaul processes to design a stronger, more strategic foundation, all while addressing inefficiencies along the way.  

Reporting into the President and Co-Owner, this is an opportunity for a Chief Financial Officer to truly influence the strategic direction of the company. You will play an important role in the organization’s growth and financial prosperity. You will be expected to determine where the opportunities for optimization are within the current financial processes and governance, so that you can suggest and implement changes towards improvement. This is a leadership role, where you would have responsibility over three direct reports, the Procurement Manager, Director of Shared Services, and the Controller. 

The President sees the CFO as a key voice at the table, not only bringing with them their experience from past successes but also planning their next strategic moves forward as an organization. Once you are up to speed in your new role, it will be a critical part of your mandate to take a step back and look holistically at their financial position in order to propose suggestions that will be beneficial and efficient long-term through internal and external investment opportunities. This will include human capital, systems and processes that further the overall service commitment they are providing. 

As you create sophistication with their structure you will act as a key advisor to ownership, seek investment and tax strategies that ensure the long-term security of all stakeholders. 

Opportunity has been filled!