Chief Electrical Estimator @Wired Synergy

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Complex Heritage Restoration

Key leader working on the Centre Block project, the largest and most complex heritage restoration seen in Canadian history to date.

Leadership Role

Put your established, articulate communication and leadership skills to work to manage this prestigious project.

Relentlessly Busy in Nature

As a dynamic and confident professional, you will take ownership for your position constantly updating the project budget, the design and reiterating the price.

Chief Electrical Estimator @Wired Synergy

Company: Wired Synergy

Position: Chief Electrical Officer

Location: Ottawa, ON

Wired Synergy specializes in the design and development of electrical infrastructures for commercial, industrial, institutional (ICI), residential, and retail sectors. Time and time again, they are recognized for their exceptional service for a diverse range of properties and the overall, unquestionable quality of their work. Wired Synergy is committed to developing positive working relationships with their customer base and providing turn-key solutions for every project.

Skills & Experience


Ability to communicate articulately with your team, suppliers, sub-contractors and clients in English, and ideally in French as well.


10+ years of experience in electrical estimation in the construction industry.

ICI Projects

Proven track record of large and complex ICI projects that likely exceed $30M in value.


Background in electrical engineering and/or longstanding work experience in the industry.


Expert estimator that has a knack for troubleshooting, organization and winning bids.


Ability to produce top quality results in a timely fashion that aligns with clients’ expectations.

Summary of the Role

The Chief Estimator is responsible for the estimation and development of the Centre Block project plan that meets the customized electrical infrastructure needs of the Government. This position will then assume responsibility for communicating with both the Construction Manager and the client to ensure a successful delivery of the desired electrical systems.

This complex project will call on your ability to estimate services, which are anticipated to be $200-250M in value, such as the following: fire alarm systems, lighting, communications systems, security systems, UPSs, hooking up to the incoming service power provider and distribution systems. Your knowledge within designing power distributions, lighting and building systems (including fire alarm, security, communications) will call on your confidence to work closely with both the client and internal teams, in order to successfully coordinate the Centre Block project from the current phase of estimation and design through until completion in an anticipated 10-15 years’ time.

Opportunity has been filled!