A Journey of Purpose: Empowering Community Impact with the Ottawa Community Foundation

A Journey of Purpose: Empowering Community Impact with the Ottawa Community Foundation

At Keynote Search, we take immense pride in connecting exceptional executives with organizations that drive meaningful change in our communities. Our executive search team in Ottawa recently had the privilege of facilitating a transformative placement for the Ottawa Community Foundation (OCF) with Michael Maidment joining the organization as their new President & CEO. 

Unveiling the Opportunity

When the opportunity to join the Ottawa Community Foundation presented itself, the potential to make a greater impact in the community served as a compelling catalyst for Michael Maidment. However, it was the in-depth conversations with Donna Baker, the executive recruiter for the role, that truly unveiled the organization’s priorities, culture, and strategic direction and was critical in determining whether this opportunity was the right fit for Michael based on where he was in his career and where he wanted to go next.

“Donna’s guidance provided valuable context, offering a deeper understanding of the OCF’s strategy, board priorities, and organizational history. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to evaluate if this was the right opportunity for me at this stage of my career and determine whether my values and goals were aligned with the OCF’s.”

– Michael Maidment, President & CEO, Ottawa Community Foundation. 

Charting a Path to Impact

Michael is looking to amplify the OCF’s community impact and build upon its rich 36-year history. Central to this new endeavour is the goal of expanding the funds managed by the OCF, enabling increased grant allocation to charitable initiatives across the community.

Recognizing the power of storytelling, Michael is elevating the OCF’s profile by sharing the impactful work being carried out in the community. By effectively communicating the stories of change and progress, the OCF can foster greater awareness, engagement, and support for their initiatives.

“I want to leverage the OCF to bring the community together to make more progress on some of the more complex problems we are facing in Ottawa such as poverty, food insecurity, affordable housing and environment and climate change.” continued Michael. 

Post-Placement Integration

Recognizing how critical successful executive integration is when joining a new organization, Michael has benefited greatly from the guidance and executive coaching by Brenda Kirkwood

“Brenda’s expertise and structured approach were instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition and setting the stage for future success,” said Michael.

Through their work together, Michael was able to build strong relationships with the board and team, secure early wins and foster a sense of collaboration and trust.

Insights into Non-Profit Hiring from Michael Maidment

Drawing from his experience as a leader in the non-profit sector, Michael shared valuable insights into the evolving trends of hiring and talent acquisition in this industry.

“Alignment with an organization is more important than ever. In the past we have focused more on salary and benefits, however candidates are increasingly interested in the values of an organization, the culture, how are team members treated, how is performance measured, what is the strategy and where is the organization going. 

I believe candidates will leave potential money on the table to find an organization where their input and work are valued, they are respected and their personal values align with those of the organization. 

I think it’s also less about how candidates present themselves on paper and more about the soft skills; who they are, how they work within teams, what are their personal values, what motivates them, how they learn – more of those skills. I think there is more onus on employers to show what they are doing to be an employer of choice.” 

As we continue to connect exceptional executives with purpose-driven organizations, this success story serves as a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the transformative potential of well-matched partnerships. 

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