4 Tips to ensure a smooth relationship between the CEO & COO

4 Tips to ensure a smooth relationship between the CEO & COO

The close working relationship of the COO & CEO brings forth challenges to ensure a positive and productive alliance. Getting the right fit and configuration between the two can be a very complex and difficult challenge. Their skill sets should compliment each other and increase the capabilities and diversity of the leadership team. Consider these 4 tips to help with your COO executive search to ensure you find the right fit to lead your company’s operations.

#1 Clearly defined roles

From the start, the roles for both the CEO and COO must be clearly defined and understood.

#2 Comfortable challenging each other

The COO should be comfortable to challenge the CEO’s thought process (privately) and the CEO needs to be very comfortable with the COO, with an understanding of when and how to challenge their thinking and actions. Undercutting the COO can lead to a feeling of disempowerment.

#3 The CEO needs to empower the COO

The COO can be rendered ineffective if they do not feel that they are seen as a trusted leader. The team working for the COO must be able to align with their operational vision and respect their decisions and actions in order for the COO to remain effective.

#4 Alignment

The CEO & COO need to be completely aligned when communicating with stakeholders and their teams. If there is tension between the CEO and the COO that is publicly visible to the team it can have a negative impact on the ability for the COO to encourage and motivate the team to be productive.