Executive Director @ Parent Resource Centre

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Exciting Opportunity

build upon its legacy andset the direction for the organization going forward

Make an Impact

Guide and collaborate with a team of passionate professionals and volunteers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of families

Drive Growth

By reinforcing a collective spirit, you will inspire and motivate your team, driving personal and professional growth while advancing the mission of PRC

Executive Director @ Parent Resource Centre

Company: Parent Resource Centre

Position: Executive Director

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Parent Resource Centre (PRC) is a distinguished charitable organization that has been at the forefront of providing grassroots support and resources to families for almost 50 years. As a trusted destination for parents, caregivers, professionals, and children, PRC is committed to fostering positive developmental outcomes through a range of programs and services. This is inclusive of playgroups, support lines, resources, training and workshops, educational programs, and more.

Skills & Experience

Well-Rounded Leader

Skilled with operational management experience, financial acumen, staff and stakeholder engagement, programming, and strategic planning


A natural ability to overcome challenges and create innovative solutions while maintaining a calm and balanced mindset

Sector Experience

A strong record of accomplishment in progressive management with community serving agencies and/or the non-profit sector


Built your career around community, recreational initiatives, education, or childcare


Focused on human resources management, non-profit management, public or business administration, or another related field

Business Acumen

Is a considerable strength of yours, which you attribute to skills withinHR, legal, marketing, and management

Summary of the Role

In this dynamic and multifaceted role, you will have a lasting impact on the organization’s success and its ability to make a positive difference in the lives of families and the community.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will lead and oversee strategic and operational management of the organization. Key facets of this role will include effective stakeholder management, organizational and resource development, financial responsibility, public relations and communication, oversight of new and existing programs, and strategic planning.

Effective leadership is a key aspect of this role. Internally, you will build upon and enhance a collaborative, fun, inclusive, and high performing environment. On a daily basis, you will be expected to thoughtfully guide, motivate, and provide support to your team, assisting them with any issues that may arise, as well as maintaining an exceptional level of service for community members. You will actively engage in community activities to enhance the organization’s visibility and raise its profile. You will lead the development of a comprehensive communication plan to inform the community aboutPRC’s activities and strategic direction. As a spokesperson for PRC, you will establish and maintain solid working relationships with stakeholders, community groups, media, funders, and local politicians.

As Executive Director, your involvement in board governance and strategic planning will be critical in driving the organization’s success and advancing its mission. You will lead the execution of the renewed strategic plan (2024), monitor progress, and ensure operational plans align with strategic goals. It will be equally as important that you provide open communication in keeping the board informed of updates and significant changes. You will also support the recruitment and training of new board members as needed.

Alongside the Finance Officer and the Finance Committee you will be responsible for developing and managing the annual operating budget. This is inclusive of having oversight on all financial functions, ensuring compliance with policies, financial reporting, and contract negotiations. In an effort to maximize program effectiveness you will identify fundraising opportunities, and seek partnerships with donors, businesses, and other stakeholders. You will provide guidance to ensure program participation is supported, enhanced, and wide-reaching. Furthermore, you will oversee service delivery and standards by implementing risk management strategies, ensuring legal compliance, maintaining accountability mechanisms, and monitoring program effectiveness through evaluation and adherence to PRC standards and agreements.

In summation, you will develop and clearly articulate the organization’s future strategy and roadmap which fosters innovative ideas, methods, techniques, and tools. Approaching this opportunity with afresh perspective and enthusiasm to take on challenges, will be integral in maintaining objectives and achieving organizational success.

Opportunity has been filled!