Director, Residential Real Estate @ Colonnade BridgePort

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Join a company that has not only seen impressive growth, but is poised to continue and expand this significant growth in the coming years

Inaugural Role

Provide leadership, mentorship and support as you look to build upon the organization’s foundational success in order to facilitate a best-in-class residential platform

Make an Impact

On the organization’s overall success and growth and as such, you will have the opportunity to truly shape the future of the organization

Director, Residential Real Estate @ Colonnade BridgePort

Company: Colonnade BridgePort

Position: Director, Residential Real Estate

Location: Ottawa, ON

In 2015, two of Ottawa’s leading real estate firms merged to create a dominant market leader for the National Capital Region. The result of that merger was the creation of Colonnade BridgePort. With the focus and expertise of the leadership team, the firm set its sights on expansion and is driving growth through their residential and mixed-use team. Now a household name in Ottawa’s commercial real estate industry, Colonnade BridgePort is respected for its market knowledge and ability to help private and institutional investors develop and execute real estate strategies to meet their investment objectives and exceed target returns. The focus is on building relationships with clients based on the principles of trust and integrity with a commitment to the relentless execution of strategies. It is these relationships that are fueling the expansion and will lead to growth in all areas of their business.

Skills & Experience

Customer Centric

Extremely focused on customer experience and consequently, hold yourself and your team to exceptional customer service standards.

Extensive Experience

Multi-residential, mixed-use space and experience transitioning assets from the development to operational stage

Financial Experience

Intimately familiar with the financial side of property management including owning the P&L function, identifying and building out relevant KPIs, dialoguing with investors and management reporting with shareholders.

Expert in Residential Real Estate

Intimately familiar with the market, including the current landscape and competitors, trends, tenant expectations and market rates

Strategic Thinker

A high degree of accountability and a proven ability to drive growth within a business unit

Strong Leader

Keen on further developing your leadership skills, both from an inspirational and tactical standpoint

Summary of the Role

As Director, Residential Real Estate, you will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the residential real estate platform which is a growing mixed use real estate portfolio.

A relationship building role at its core, you will find yourself collaborating with crossfunctional teams including marketing, training, finance, capital management, technical services, investment management and development to create and implement property specific business plans.

Reporting to the Vice President of Property Management, your mandate as Director, Residential Real Estate will be to develop and implement strategies and processes that improve the resident experience and optimize operational results, while maintaining alignment with the organization’s overall value and vision. It will be crucial to focus on growing the residential and mixed-use business unit, increasing revenue, expanding brand loyalty, and improving the customer satisfaction experience, all resulting in a strong value proposition.

Building on the foundation that Colonnade BridgePort has created, you will hold both the operational and financial accountability of the residential platform, and a critical key to your success will be your continued mentorship and guidance of the residential team. As the first Director on the residential side, you will build a best-inclass residential platform through operational efficiency, excellent customer service, increased occupancy and financial performance. You will consistently monitor and review the action plans you have put in place as well as those initially implemented, all while addressing any inefficiencies along the way. The desire is to have the residential platform become a leading service business within Colonnade BridgePort, providing you with the opportunity to build it entirely from the ground up.

Opportunity has been filled!