Director of Sales & Marketing @ Gifford Carr Insurance Group

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Trusting Leadership

The ownership group at Gifford Carr are excited to welcome you as an expert in your field and work with you to enhance the sales and marketing function and drive business growth

Take Initiative

You will be given autonomy to lead the sales and marketing functions while gaining valuable knowledge from the leadership team to position you and your team for success

Critical Role

You will provide a strong leadership presence, overseeing the team and working to develop the overall sales and marketing operations of the organization

Director of Sales & Marketing @ Gifford Carr Insurance Group

Company: Gifford Carr Insurance Group

Position: Director of Sales & Marketing

Location: Ottawa, ON

Dating back to 1948, Gifford Carr Insurance Group has been delivering personal and business insurance solutions in Ontario for almost 75 years. A trusted insurance broker, they are passionate advocates for their clients and connect them with solutions that work. As an independent insurance brokerage, licensed across Canada with offices located across Ontario, they are free from the constraints and self-interests of a large corporation. With access to countless policies and plans nationwide, Gifford Carr prioritizes their clients’ needs above all else.

Skills & Experience

Highly Professional Leader

Can effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders and find great satisfaction in nurturing these relationships beyond their infancy stage


Experience overseeing medium-sized sales and marketing teams, ideally within the professional services sector


A true leader that puts a strong emphasis on coaching, mentoring, and inspiring those that are on your team

Creative & Strategic

Always looking to find new approaches to drive revenue and encourage staff to achieve departmental goals through combined sales and marketing activities

Proven Success

Implementing effective sales and marketing strategies and standards, resulting in profitable outcomes year-over-year


You come with a great aptitude for analyzing and interpreting data, which in turn leads to effective business decisions

Summary of the Role

Reporting to the Vice President, Business Operations, the Director of Sales and Marketing will provide a strong leadership presence, overseeing the team and working to develop the overall sales and marketing operations of the organization.

Responsible for implementing strategic initiatives, you will lead the company’s sales team, guiding and mentoring them as they continue to expand their current portfolio of clients and develop new business opportunities. You will support the development of sales goals and identify and measure key performance indicators to ensure targets are met. You will monitor and evaluate the performance of your team in order to identify opportunities for efficiencies and improvements to the sales process.

In addition to sales, you will oversee all marketing activities, bringing a strategic and collaborative approach that allows marketing efforts to directly support and enable sales. You will work with external vendors to articulate the vision and value proposition of Gifford Carr and build strategic partnerships that create value for the organization. You will use your knowledge and experience to ensure that initiatives are in line with the sales strategy and demonstrate a return on investment for marketing related activities.

You will help establish ways to foster new relationships with potential clients, both actively participating in, and supporting your team in the development of a sales pipeline and targeted marketing campaigns. You will use your breadth of experience to help expand revenue streams and gain buy-in from all stakeholders that support the ambitious revenue growth at Gifford Carr.

You will work closely with the VP of Business Operations and the President to build your knowledge of Gifford Carr’s prior sales and marketing strategies to develop new or adapt existing strategic approaches. You will be responsible for the ongoing evaluation of procedures and standards, with the mandate of maintaining and ultimately increasing profitability in order to support Gifford Carr’s strategic growth and the new business growth plan.

Included within this growth plan, is the opportunity to participate in marquee community events such as golf tournaments and gala dinners, to forge new business relationships with prospects and continue to develop already existing connections.

Opportunity has been filled!