Chief Financial Officer @ Quantropi

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Unique Opportunity

You will be on the ground with an early stage start-up that is entirely unique in the market and founded by some of the industry’s best minds.

Unique Solution

There is huge curiosity in quantum solutions that will revolutionize the way organizations protect their data


Poised for exceptional growth with proven commercial acumen and technically strong

Chief Financial Officer @ Quantropi

Company: Quantropi

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Location: Ottawa, ON

Founded in Ottawa in 2018, Quantropi is striving to be the standard for quantum-secure data communications. Quantropi’s technology encrypts data in transit and data at rest — defending against today’s threats and tomorrow’s quantum-based attacks.

Not only does their technology empower users to achieve unconditional security, but it is also more cost-effective, scalable and efficient than anything else out there. With their solution, enterprise leaders, government agencies, IT professionals, and anyone concerned about data protection can be absolutely confident their information is truly future-proof.

Driven by a mission to ensure the protection of the Truth and Trust underpinning their global digital society, Quantropi is enabling enterprises to transition immediately to quantum-grade safety — with zero investment in new hardware or infrastructure. Best of all, Quantropi’s unique platform solution works over today’s Internet — providing a simple, evolutionary upgrade path to critically improved security.

Skills & Experience


Highly technical, analytical and ambitious leader that is truly passionate about innovation in the technology industry


Transparent and hold yourself and your team to the highest standard of integrity and professionalism


Background in finance and business administration that is backed by a CPA designation or equivalent experience


Natural leader that people gravitate towards due to your authenticity and poise

Industry Experience

Proven success as the finance lead ideally in a venture backed technology start-up, all the way through from seed funding to a series C

Role Experience

Extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions, financial modelling and enterprise SaaS/PaaS technologies

Summary of the Role

Reporting to the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, this is an opportunity for the Chief Financial Officer to truly influence the strategic direction of the company. You will play a pivotal role in the organization’s growth and financial prosperity.

The organization’s finance and accounting functions are currently being outsourced to an external partner, one of your early priorities will be to develop an in-house finance and accounting function. Similarly, as you get more entrenched in the day-to-day financial operations at Quantropi, you will lead the development of the next iteration of the company’s business, financial and pricing models, in collaboration with the CEO and executive leadership team.

This role goes well beyond managing Quantropi’s finances; the CEO sees the CFO as a key voice at the table, not only bringing with them their experience from past successes but also planning their next strategic moves as an organization. To this point, you will play a vital role in managing the due diligence, financial planning, prospecting and presentation required to attract investors as the organization raises funds beyond the seed funding received to date.

As you enable sophistication and growth within their corporate finance structure, you will become a key advisor, seeking investment and innovation strategies that ensure the long-term prosperity for all internal and external stakeholders.

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