What Advice Would Your Give to Your Younger Self in Your Career? International Women’s Week 2022

What Advice Would Your Give to Your Younger Self in Your Career? International Women’s Week 2022

The events and experiences you have as a woman throughout your life and your career help to shape your future. Some good and some bad, you develop an understanding of different situations which provide you with what’s best for your mind and development both professionally and personally – although usually once you’re older you can reflect back to truly understand it.

We asked some of the women at Keynote Search what they would have told their younger selves in their career. Here is what they had to say…

Brenda Kirkwood, Director, Post-Placement Integration

Know what you are worth, be bold and speak up more directly about what you need and value to meet your goals..

Donna Baker, Co-Founder & partner

Find a mentor, seek advise from others, set lofty goals, don’t give up

Heather Darling, Managing Partner

Slowing down in your career, or making a choice rooted in the need for better balance between home/work, is not failing. It’s making a choice that will allow you to bring a stronger, more thoughtful, and probably happier “you” to both your family and your colleagues.

I would tell myself to trust my opinions and that they matter and they deserve to be shared just as much as anyone else’s.

Strong female leadership does not mean you’re bossy or domineering. If something makes you uncomfortable, call it out. Never be afraid to stand up to a bully either by being on the receiving end of the behaviour our witnessing it.

Forget about all preconceived notions, and forge a path forward based on your own personal values, strengths, and desires.

Starting quite early in my career, I was incredibly lucky to have the privilege to work for and alongside women who took the time to mentor me, to support my career and without whom I would not be the woman I am today. That community and support is so important for young women and I encourage this next generation to not only leverage these invaluable experiences and pieces of advice, but just as importantly, to continue giving back to the generation after us, just as the women before us have.

Know your worth and don’t sell yourself short.