Q&A With Nicole Cheffey On Her Career Success

Q&A With Nicole Cheffey On Her Career Success

As we celebrate this years International Women’s Day 2021, we are highlighting some of the women leaders that we have placed at exceptional organizations this year.

We are proud to have been involved in the appointment of Nicole Cheffey as Vice President, Marketing at GoFor Delivers.

We asked Nicole a few questions relating to her successful career to date.

Q: What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

A: At my first job out of school, I was very lucky, the CEO of the company was a great inspirational and kind leader. It was so motivating to work with and for someone like this. To be exposed so early in my career to the importance of leadership was a gift and has had a significant impact on defining the leader I wanted to become. Right away I started taking leadership courses to refine these skills and I am really proud that this became my passion. Today if you look at my list of priorities, Team is always in the first position. They are the foundation that I build everything on and knowing that they feel valued, connected to the business and what they bring every day is part of a bigger picture is important and my every day mission.

Q: What leadership lessons have you learned during the pandemic? 

A: I have learned two important things. The first is that my one on one’s with my team are without a doubt the most important meetings of my week. For each person on my team, even with those that don’t report directly to me, I meet with them every week. It’s so important that we get time together. Not being in an office environment, you miss out on the desk drive-by’s so these meetings are priceless for keeping us all connected. The second is that I love to sneak in laughter everywhere I can – whether it’s a Giphy on Slack or coming up with the weekly “Get-To-Know-You” question that we have every week in our team meeting. Let’s face it, laughter closes the distance between all of us.

Q: What’s the biggest focus for your organization in 2021? 

A: Growth! GoFor is a leading marketplace for last mile, on-demand and same-day delivery and we are busy. “Get it Delivered Now” is our promise because we can deliver any package, small to big and bulky, locally within three hours and we are not only on-demand but we are in-demand and growing like crazy. We experienced 656% growth this past year and we are poised to continue this growth throughout Canada and the US in 2021 by expanding our customer base and by doubling the number of cities we deliver in.

Q: What do you attribute your career growth to? Do you have any advice for aspiring leaders? 

A: As a marketing leader, I have taken my time to do as many of the roles in the marketing organization at some point in my career. This has helped me to understand and guide the people who now own those positions on my team today. However, there are roles that I have never done and for those, I listen and learn as much as I can from the person doing it. I want to add value to my team so I can guide them and be the best leader as possible. I believe because I can talk to and I know “enough to be dangerous” about all facets of marketing that this knowledge and understanding brings trust to those that don’t understand marketing. It allows me to teach and educate them about what’s important and what’s not and why. My advice is to become as knowledgeable and curious about every role on your team and every person on your team, roll up your sleeves and dig in, it’s not only rewarding but it brings everyone together as a team.