Keynote Talent Search Solutions

Finding leaders who fit with your business and helping them perform.

Enhanced data-driven search process. Better screening. Defined onboarding and executive coaching. All in one inclusive price. Find Fit Perform


Enhanced Executive Search Process


We find more qualified candidates

We expand our services beyond common recruiting methodologies. We combine the very best people in the recruitment business with our cutting-edge AI and screening tools to find the right talent for your business, even those that are not currently seeking new opportunities.

Talent & Profile Mapping

Through organizational analysis, stakeholder consultations and market research we will develop a position profile, identify the leadership characteristics required and develop a research and headhunting strategy to ensure we find highly qualified candidates

We take a multi-channel marketing approach

Using our expertise we’re able to market your role in the right way to the right people using the right channels to generate interest for your position. We use highly personalized and targeted messaging to ensure we’re able to attract as many qualified candidates as possible


We screen candidates more effectively to find the best fit.


Predictive Psychometrics

We put all of our high valued shortlisted candidates through several personality, cognitive and psychometric tests. This objective information provides further information as to who the candidate is, what they bring to table, what environments and management styles will maximize their performance

Team Dynamics & Performance Drivers

By using the same psychometric testing on the leadership, top performers and peer groups at our clients we can start to map the likely team dynamic and success factors. In addition we can isolate potential conflict areas plus ways a new candidate can complement an existing team. This holistic evaluation approach will ensure that the candidates put forth will be able to perform at their peak with your company’s culture and working environment.

Thorough interview approach

Our team combines decades of experience in the art of interviewing to ensure we’re able to extract all of the necessary information from candidates. We share this experience through dedicated interviewing coaching services and provide interview structure, generate question sets and even lead the interview process, as required.


Post-Placement Support.


One-on-one executive coaching

Our executive leadership coach will use a customized approach for each executive to develop, engage and optimize your talent. The overall objective of our coaching program is for executives to acquire, develop and maintain effective leadership skills and behaviors through considerable self-analysis and reflection. This culminates in the development and execution of an action plan that is designed to assist the individual in maximizing their productivity and effectiveness.


We have developed a comprehensive onboarding process that focuses on successful integration and achieving optimal performance. This process is guided by regular feedback from both the leadership team and the executive to ensure that expectation alignment and communication serve as the foundation for the company’s success.

Mastermind Leadership Development Program

We organize a group of highly successful senior executives who come from non-competing organizations and as a group, we address leadership issues and challenges unique to the participants, and devise solutions and strategies with each other. Our Mastermind program provides members with the opportunity to be exposed to the latest research into leadership, team, and organizational excellence.


Executives will also gain access to Elite Faculty – internationally recognized and respected subject matter experts, including best-selling authors and TED speakers who will share their insights with this select group.

Mastermind members gain the opportunity to build strategic and trusting relationships with other highly successful executives who understand their personal and business challenges.

Attract and enable the talent you need to succeed.


We are proud to work with some exceptional companies in a wide variety of industries.

We’ve filled several positions with Keynote and the ROI has been exceptional. We’ve saved time on recruiting and screening candidates and more importantly have been able to consistently find better quality people than we were ever able to on our own. The result is that our productivity and culture have never been better. Keynote’s approach is unique compared to other recruiting firms and offers our business much more value.
Brooke McClelland
Controller - Flux Lighting
I was lucky enough to work with the Keynote team on several occasions. I appreciate the work they do and do very well. They find hundreds of potential candidates that can do the job, present the top candidates that they have thoroughly evaluated to fit within our company, and help to onboard and ensure their long-term success. I would strongly recommend using them to find the best person that will succeed.
Andrew Emmans
The team at Keynote has spent a considerable amount of time to truly understand the culture of our company in order to find the right people who will succeed with us. Time was spent not on email or phone calls but rather in person touring our operation and spending time with the leadership team. As a trusted partner, they are enabling our company to scale and we look forward to our continued work together.
Brian Boucher
General Manager - Euro Tile & Stone