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The Complete Guide to Hiring HR Leaders

CEOs worldwide see human capital as a top challenge, and they rank HR as only the eighth or ninth most important function in a company. HR should be looked at by the CEO with similar importance as corporate finance and the HR leader should be a true partner to the CEO. The HR leader should help the CEO to build and assign talent in order to fully execute on the company’s strategies. They need to be an exemplary leader, have strong business acumen, communication skills and have a sound understanding of business strategy.

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Your Guide to Onboarding

Creating a positive onboarding experience is crucial to ensuring the success of your new employees. This guide has been created for employers and human resource leaders to help prepare and fast-track the performance of your new hires. We have included checklists for what to prepare before their arrival, what to do with your new employees on their first day, what to do after their first day, and post-placement strategies and support tools to ensure their long-term success.

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How to Be Best in the World in the Construction Industry

Historically, the industry has relied on passing its knowledge from generation to generation with each generation adding small improvements to the mix. It has been incredibly conservative and risk averse and therefore much slower than other industries to adopt new ways. Most of the construction industry is, unfortunately, stuck firmly in the pre-digital age; this lag provides huge opportunities for those willing to see them and bold enough to seize them.

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The Complete Guide to Hiring a CFO

The CFO holds a key leadership role in an organization, one that often requires wearing a number of strategic and operational hats. Ultimately they are the trusted business advisor to the CEO and the Board of Directors, providing them an objective view of the financial performance of the business, while holistically assessing the company’s risks and opportunities. The CFO role is not solely about keeping score it is about the CFO’s ability to collaborate, focus on growth, embrace a culture of adaptive learning and to effectively deliver analytics that are both meaningful and a change agent for the company.

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The Complete Guide to Hiring a COO

As the second highest ranking member of most organizations, the Chief Operating Officer is one of the most important roles a business can have, and the benefits of having an elite COO can pay large dividends. The Complete Guide to Hiring a COO will help you to successfully find and ensure the peak performance of your next COO. This guide provides readers with insight as to what a modern COO looks like in regards to what their core strengths will entail, tips on how to interview to ensure fit among the leadership team and Canadian compensation analysis.

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The Complete Guide to Hiring Marketing Executives

Due to the added complexities of the ever-evolving marketing industry, there is a necessity for recruiters to understand current markeitng tech, trends and strategies. This guide has been created to walk you through recommendations for both topics of discussion and processes to consider following in order to successfully hire and ensure the peak performance of your next Marketing Executive. In this guide we will cover key traits of marketing leaders, B2B vs. B2C marketers, how to interview marketers, onboarding, and post-placement strategies for your new marketer.

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The Complete Guide to Hiring a CEO

Ultimately, the decisions that the CEO makes will dictate the success or failure of a company. It is an extremely important decision to make regarding who will best lead an organization. This guide will help you to successfully find and ensure the peak performance of your next CEO. This guide will walk you through CEO search considerations, including engaging a board, hiring internally vs. externally, identifying the right CEO profile that fits your organization, interviewing considerations, tranisitioning your new CEO and much more.

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