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Latest News and Blogs

Infograph - The Keynote Team Supporting Local Otta…

As a local business our Ottawa team at Keynote Search has been focused on ensuring that we support local business during the current COVID-19 crisis. We surveyed our team members to see what local Ottawa establishments they have been supporting while in self-isolation, and where they can't wait to get back out to once the pandemic is over!

7 Tips to Onboard Remote Workers

The majority of employers have now moved to a remote workforce for the time being as COVID-19 continues. That said there are a number of companies that were either midway through the hiring process, had already planned start dates for employees, or continue to recruit a remote workforce during the COVID-19 crisis. These new employees still need to be onboarded properly and given the support and resources necessary to succeed in their new roles.

Infograph - The Keynote Team Working Remote

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, our team has continued to #stayhome and work remote. We polled our team to see how things are going and get to know more about their working environments at home.

Recruiting During COVID-19?

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has disrupted the economy and how businesses around the world operate. Remote work, virtual interviews and online meetings have become the norm, even in industries that never embraced this technology before. Not only are there obvious challenges during this global downturn, the new economic realities call for businesses to be strategic with their human capital retention and investment.

Non-Profit Associations: Navigating the Executive …

Are you part of a non-profit association board or executive team looking to make your next executive hire? Below Christine Colverson, Talent Associate at Keynote Search has set out a number of key considerations and suggestions that will guide you through this important executive hiring process.


We are proud to work with some exceptional companies in a wide variety of industries.

We’ve filled several positions with Keynote and the ROI has been exceptional. We’ve saved time on recruiting and screening candidates and more importantly have been able to consistently find better quality people than we were ever able to on our own. The result is that our productivity and culture have never been better. Keynote’s approach is unique compared to other recruiting firms and offers our business much more value.
Brooke McClelland
Controller - Flux Lighting
I was lucky enough to work with the Keynote team on several occasions. I appreciate the work they do and do very well. They find hundreds of potential candidates that can do the job, present the top candidates that they have thoroughly evaluated to fit within our company, and help to onboard and ensure their long-term success. I would strongly recommend using them to find the best person that will succeed.
Andrew Emmans
The team at Keynote has spent a considerable amount of time to truly understand the culture of our company in order to find the right people who will succeed with us. Time was spent not on email or phone calls but rather in person touring our operation and spending time with the leadership team. As a trusted partner, they are enabling our company to scale and we look forward to our continued work together.
Brian Boucher
General Manager - Euro Tile & Stone