Senior Director, Business Process, Technology & Innovation @Real Estate Development Company

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Opportunity to Innovate

If you are looking to build a strong technology vision for a company and use innovative means to achieve your goals, then this could be the role for you.

Continuous Growth

As the Senior Director of Business Process, Technology and Innovation, you will have the courage and drive to be part of this growth, to continuously progress the business and evaluate processes and technology for existing operations and planned expansions

Critical Role

You will become a key player in business decisions as they strive to be innovative and creative in their technology offerings and become the brand of choice among Canadians.

Senior Director, Business Process, Technology & Innovation @Real Estate Development Company

Company: Real Estate Development Company

Position: Senior Director, Business Process, Technology & Innovation

Location: Ottawa

Refusing to be limited or defined by an industry, our client has created an entirely new paradigm that has disrupted their one-dimensional sector. Since opening, they have captured the market and show no signs of slowing growth as they expand across Ontario. Currently in development on 18 new properties they are at the beginning of a 6-year plan that will see 80 new properties added by 2025. While real estate remains the foundation of the business, our clients’ continuous effort to leverage technology and innovate results in success, and provides them with a significant competitive advantage.

Skills & Experience

IT Department Leadership

You must have at least 5+ years experience

Process Improvement, Technology Innovation & Business Transformation

You will have proven skills in these areas.

Project Management

Previous experience managing and successfully executing multiple projects.

Business Process Evaluation & Implementation

Ability to create new systems, tools and resources that meet and exceed business objectives.

Strong Communication Skills

Ability to lead the way in educating owners, leadership team, staff and customers on the best way to utilize technology and overcome challenges.

Experience Safeguarding Assets

Compliance with community expectations and applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy, security and social responsibility.

Summary of the Role

Reporting to the Senior Vice President, this key role within the senior management team will contribute to the success of the company by overseeing and directing the alignment of business strategy, technology vision and business processes. Highly knowledgeable on the business environment, the Senior Director will play a critical role in identifying processes that are inefficient, redundant or ineffective and creating a stable, reliable and efficient working environment. The Senior Director is technology savvy, enjoys monitoring industry trends and developments to identify opportunities that will enhance business activities and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

You will embrace a challenge with a great deal of ownership and take initiative in the implementation of new processes and strategies. The mindset of always striving for improvement and finding creative solutions to obstacles will be inherent in your approach to management. You will need to be a strategic thinker who understands the impact strong business processes and cutting-edge technology can have on business strategy. This is a unique and rare opportunity to be part of an organization looking to disrupt its industry in a meaningful way. You will be challenged daily to be innovative and think of creative solutions that will support the growth of the business and engage customers. You will be part of strategic planning around new products, services and technology-enabled business lines.

At the end of your first year, success will be measured by you being able to gain the trust and respect of the owners, Senior Vice President and the IT team. You will have implemented exceptional business processes that are positively impacting the guest experience. You will have assessed current systems and be in the process of implementing a new ERP/CRM system that meets the needs of the business. You will have developed internal processes that lead to fast and efficient resolution of IT related issues. You will have developed a relationship with your team and best understand how to utilize the talent and resources they offer..

Opportunity has been filled!