Head of Growth @ TinyEYE

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Exciting Opporuntity

This role is a combination of leadership, sales, marketing, strategy and process optimization

Make an Impact

This is a passion driven, founder-led business that has created a platform technology to allow children access to online therapy when they need it the most

Unique Role

This is an opportunity to join the TinyEYE Executive Leadership Team as the first Head of Growth

Head of Growth @ TinyEYE

Company: TinyEYE

Position: Head of Growth

Location: Canada

Prior to 2005, online voice and video was unreliable and not a mainstream concept. Greg Sutton and Marnee Brick, brother and sister, had an idea to reimagine how therapy could be provided. Marnee was a Speech-Language Pathologist with countless hours of driving on her weekly agenda to reach students who were situated in all corners of the school district. Greg, on the other hand, was a businessman with a mind for technology. Together, they created TinyEYE to become the first online therapy platform of its kind. They constructed a brand new program that provided a clear voice and video feed, complemented by specialized therapy activities. This would allow therapists to provide their specialized services online, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and now mental health services. Essentially, TinyEYE is the connector between the therapist and the customer.

At its core, TinyEYE is built on a vision established by empathetic awareness and a desire to reach entire communities of children who need help. 16 years later, they have been able to help thousands of children thrive through the use of their engaging, effective services. They remain exceedingly passionate in both their vision as well as creating an experience of belonging, recognition, and achievement for all colleagues within their organization.

Skills & Experience


You are someone who can flexibly jump between big picture strategic thinking and hands-on execution


You have a university education. Specifically, a degree in business or marketing is considered an asset


10+ years of progressive experience in a sales management role, ideally having sold into education, and inside of a growing organization where you have led a team


You are a true people leader at heart, and empowering your team to be solutions focused and grow in their careers energizes you


You are someone with a high level of financial and business acumen


As an ambassador of TinyEYE’s culture, you are a caring lifelong learner and a solution focused leader

Summary of the Role

As Head of Growth, you will have the opportunity to build a solid sales function within the organization, and formalize their move from a start-up function to a scale-up.

With over 75% of children entering school today having had previous experience using video communication software, there is a tremendous market opportunity ahead of TinyEYE. You will have the ultimate goal of turning a large budget into multiples of new revenue, and you will achieve this through the development and continued growth of an effective sales team, process optimization, and the implementation of a clear “go to market” strategy.

You will lead your department’s strategic planning initiatives to make thoughtful data-driven decisions while balancing best practices, market research, and industry trends. You will help develop, implement and maintain a strategic sales plan while being responsible for building and leading the sales and marketing team. This will include setting tangible goals to optimize sales cycles and conversion metrics by identifying opportunities or gaps within the customer journey that could be improved through materials, demos, or training.

You will also create a clear line of sight into forecasting and analysis of the sales pipeline, revenue, and sales cycle for the finance and technology departments as well as additional company stakeholders. In fact, this role will require you to collaborate cross-functionally across all departments in order to help understand where you will be able to add value to any ongoing initiatives within the organization, particularly you will collaborate with the Director of Technology and Innovation. You will recognize market opportunities by identifying customer requirements, defining the market, forecasting projected business, and establishing targeted market share.

Once you begin to achieve results within your department, having earned the trust of the Founders, you will be given the liberty to build out the team as needed, as well as create the systems and processes that would exist around that team. With TinyEYE in scale-up mode, it is imperative that you lead your team to be agile so that they are able to embrace any changes that give the company a strategic advantage.

As Head of Growth, you will be able to take this role and run with it while partnering with the executive leadership team to ensure alignment of strategic vision. The team at TinyEYE is ready to welcome a fresh perspective, and are looking for a thought leader who can honour where they are now, and assist them in building a solid path for future growth.

Opportunity has been filled!