General Manager, Cyber Security & DNS @ CIRA

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General Manager, Cyber Security & DNS @ CIRA

Company: CIRA - Canadian Internet Registration Authority

Position: General Manager, Cyber Security & DNS

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is a member-based not-for-profit organization, best known for managing the .CA internet domain on behalf of all Canadians. Its conception began well before the internet became prominent in Canada when a small group of partners foresaw an essential need for domain names with an address unique to Canada.

Nearly a decade later came the expansion of the internet, and the Canadian Domain Name Consultative Committee recommended the creation of CIRA to, “preserve the .CA domain as a Canadian resource operated and managed by Canadians for Canadians.” It was made clear that CIRA would be neither an arm of government, nor a government agency, nor a charity. Instead they would operate as a private, not-for-profit, member-driven corporation to oversee, promote, and protect this important resource on behalf of all Canadians.

Today, CIRA continues to be an essential public resource, managing over 3 million .CA domains and offering cybersecurity services. Their vision is one of a connected future where the internet empowers Canadians to achieve their economic, social, and cultural potential. To help build a better internet, CIRA develops innovative programs, products, and services that leverage all the internet has to offer.

Skills & Experience


You most likely come from a background in product management, where you have the expertise of overseeing sophisticated technology teams

Business Leadership

Strong understanding of the underlying technology, ideally in CyberSecurity, which allows you to effectively communicate and speak to the organizations service offerings


An innate passion for networking, while having the motivation to maintain your tight-knit connections


You likely have a relevant university or business degree with experience in financial business management

SaaS Experience

You have a strong understanding of technology services which will allow you to transfer and apply your experience to help achieve your goals in this role


You are always looking for new opportunities to develop and grow the business

Summary of the Role

Based in Ottawa, and reporting directly to the President & CEO, the General Manager of Cyber DNS, will be responsible for managing all aspects of daily operations and business development within the Cyber DNS business unit.

As a General Manager, you will rely on your leadership skills and superior business acumen to create new strategies to grow the business through customer acquisition and product innovation while strengthening internal processes, systems, and overall operations. It is also highly critical in this role that you prioritize being actively present within the business unit, building a roadmap to enhance innovation and revenue growth, reflective of the CIRA mandate.

As a part of the Executive Leadership Team, you will be expected to provide strategic and operational leadership to the company. As a group you will set goals, develop strategies, and ensure the strategies are executed effectively. The executive team functions as a collective leadership body, and serves as the model that teams throughout the organization will follow. You will work alongside your colleagues to provide and display exceptional leadership and carry out the vision of the organization through operations and culture. Inclusive of providing DNS service to .CA, you will act as a key resource to other business units to work collaboratively and provide support.

You will be accountable for the operations team, overseeing the technical workforce within cyber security and DNS. You will be expected to embrace product ownership, by recognizing responsibility and act as the intermediate between team members and business units. You will be comfortable delegating where appropriate, calculating risk management, and monitoring team members, keeping track of progress and growth. You will know when to ask thought provoking questions and provide necessary resources while encouraging creativity.

You will be responsible for not changing but enhancing the culture within the unit and closing the gap between other units whose operations are more contained. Part of your objective will be to create a high performance workplace, one that is inclusive and collaborative with crossfunctional teams. You will take a tactful and deliberate approach upon entering this role with the goal in mind of nurturing what works within the business unit and building upon success from there.

You will be responsible for managing the P&L of the business unit and finding ways to create financial sustainability. Tapping into your forward thinking mindset, you will seek out opportunities for expansion and development to support further revenue streams, while upholding the standards of excellence and soaring quality . With your entrepreneurial and creative skills you will build new products and services within the realm of DNS and CyberSecurity and actively work with your team to meet revenue goals. You will strive to develop new external partnerships and maintain a top Net Promoter Score (NPS), while enhancing CIRA’s reputation as an organization on a national and global level.

Opportunity has been filled!