Director of Sales & Business Development @ Replica Analytics

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Exciting Opportuntity

Early stage start-up founded by some of the best minds in the data analytics sector

Unique Opportunity

The concept of a software and service that synthesize real data is new to the market

Untapped Potential

High interest for data synthesis services that could revolutionize the healthcare and data science sector

Director of Sales & Business Development @ Replica Analytics

Company: Replica Analytics

Position: Director of Sales & Business Development

Location: Ottawa, ON

Replica Analytics develops unique technologies for generating privacy protective data that maintains the statistical properties of real data. They enable fast and effective access to high utility data while meeting regulatory obligations. Replica Analytics has developed two offerings – data synthesis and privacy assurance. The data synthesis services take a real dataset from a client and use machine learning tools and algorithms to generate a synthetic dataset quickly, and at scale. The privacy assurance services take real and synthetic data and using their proprietary models, evaluates the risk in the synthetic data of being attached to a real person.

The methods employed by Replica Analytics combine machine learning tools to generate synthetic data, and privacy assurance on synthetic data to ensure that the probability of identifying individuals is very small. With deep expertise in privacy and data analysis, Replica Analytics is a trusted partner for data synthesis.

Replica Analytics is an early-stage start-up founded by industry experts who have seen successful exits from previous organizations. They are already seeing traction with users in the life sciences, health systems, technology and open data markets and as the company enters its next phase of growth, they are excited to welcome a driven Director of Sales and Business Development onto the team.

Skills & Experience

Industry Experience

Accomplished track record in sales within the health sciences industry

Startup Experience

Prior startup experience is essential to navigating the uncertainties, intensities and benefits


Capable of building product narratives and bring an educational approach to your business development technique


You will be selling to educated experts in healthcare, data science and legal fields - proven success engaging this audience


Proven success in highly complex and valuable enterprise sales

Autonomous role

Comfortable as a sales hunter and not afraid to take initiative

Summary of the Role

As the first sales professional hired into the organization you will be tasked with taking a game-changing product and service to market. You will be supporting the founders as you work together with them to build a foundation and go-to-market strategy that, as like many startups, will require you to roll up your sleeves as you develop target lists, prospect new clients and educate the sector on the uniqueness of Replica Analytics service offering. This is a relationship building role, working at the enterprise and channel partner level. You will be building internal sales processes that will require you to bring a business lens to your interactions and deliver with a mature, competent and detailed approach. This is solution-sale, pure and simple. You will not be restricted by geography and you will be encouraged to penetrate different segments with a proactive, outbound approach.

Opportunity has been filled!