Director of Business Development @ Gifford Carr Insurance Group

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Growing Company

Join a company who has not only seen impressive growth, but is poised to continue and expand this significant growth in the coming years.

Critical Role

That will contribute to the overall success of the company, and if successful, will provide you with future opportunities for growth within the organization.


Beginning as a family business, they have successfully evolved the business to accomplish their enterprise growth while maintaining a client retention rate of 95%.

Director of Business Development @ Gifford Carr Insurance Group

Company: Gifford Carr Insurance Group

Position: Director of Business Development

Location: Ottawa, ON

Dating back to 1948, Gifford Carr Insurance Group have been passionate advocates for their clients for over 70 years. Delivering personal and business insurance solutions to their clients, Gifford Carr Insurance Group is built on a community oriented foundation. An independent insurance brokerage, licensed across Canada and offices located across Ontario, they are free from the constraints and self-interests of a large corporation. With access to countless policies and plans nationwide, Gifford Carr prioritizes their clients’ needs above all else.

Skills & Experience


Overseeing medium-sized sales teams with a track record of implementing effective sales strategies and standards, resulting in profitable outcomes year-over-year

Role Experience

You will have held a senior business development leadership role, having the ability to coach, mentor, and inspire those that are on your team


You are able to communicate with internal and external stakeholders and find great satisfaction in nurturing these relationships beyond their infancy stage

Results Oriented

Creative and strategic way of thinking, always looking to find new approaches to drive revenue and encourage staff to achieve departmental goals, which have been clearly outlined by the key metrics you have implemented


you have a great aptitude for analyzing and interpreting data, which in turn leads to effective business decisions


Your leadership style is supportive, all while being committed to developing long-term and loyal employees

Summary of the Role

Reporting into the President, the Director of Business Development will provide a strong leadership presence, overseeing the sales team and working to develop the overall operations of the organization.

Responsible for implementing strategic initiatives, you will lead the company’s entire business development structure by establishing new ways of fostering business relationships, leading to a strong and effective value proposition. Furthermore, building out Gifford Carr’s sales pipeline will be a main area of focus. The Director will act as a coach and mentor for the sales team, bringing a breadth of experience expanding revenue streams and buy-in from all stakeholders.

In addition, you will have full autonomy building out new systems and processes leading to new client acquisition and retention. You will also be responsible for establishing internal sales metrics and KPIs for clear and consistent evaluation, all while addressing inefficiencies along the way. The Director of Business Development will work to modernize, and if needed, overhaul current sales processes to design a stronger, more strategic foundation as Gifford Carr looks to increase revenue year-over-year, and aims to reach the height of a nine figure organization.

The Director of Business Development will direct, manage, and execute strategic business decisions, in collaboration with the President, while overseeing all of the day-to-day business development activities and tasks of the company. You will be responsible for the ongoing evaluation of procedures and standards, with the mandate of maintaining and ultimately increasing profitability in order to support Gifford Carr’s strategic growth and the new business growth plan that you have designed. Included within this growth plan, is the opportunity to participate in local offsite community events such as golf tournaments and gala dinners, in order to forge new business relationships with prospects and continue to develop already existing connections. In many cases, you will be Gifford’s main point of contact while out in the community.

Opportunity has been filled!