Business Development Executive @ EXT

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Make an Impact

Shape the company's market presence, partnerships, and revenue streams, allowing you to witness the tangible fruits of your labor

Rewarding Opportunity

Become an integral architect of the organization's growth story, contributing to its evolution from the ground up

Autonomous Role

Ideate, execute, and iterate on strategies swiftly, without the bureaucracy that often accompanies larger corporations

Business Development Executive @ EXT

Company: EXT

Position: Business Development Executive

Location: Ottawa, ON

EXT is an Ottawa, Canada-based innovator in the field of home service management software, with a specialized focus on seasonal services like snow removal and landscaping. Set to launch in Fall2023, EXT’s initial offering will bolster snow removal operations across Canada, providing capabilities for customer relationship management, schedule coordination, invoice generation and dispatch, payment processing, and route optimization. Following this, a 2024 expansion is planned to encompass landscaping services, enhancing the operational efficiency and customer service of these businesses. Although initially focused on the Canadian market, EXT has its sights set on future expansion into the U.S., illustrating its ambition and commitment to supporting home service businesses across North America with its innovative solutions.

Skills & Experience

Dynamic & Strategic

Unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, strong communication skills, and a proven track record of forging meaningful partnerships.

Essential Traits

A passion for innovation, a willingness to take calculated risks, and a collaborative mindset

Industry Experience

Deep understanding of the landscaping industry, you have an ability to think creatively, and a relentless drive to foster growth and drive revenue

Visionary Leader

Can cultivate and nurture relationships with potential clients, investors, and key stakeholders while adapting quickly to the fast-paced and ever-changing environment of a start-up organization

Summary of the Role

The role of the Business Development Executive is the first commercially focused hire EXT has made. Up until this point the team has been focused on developing the software and this next step has you at the center of revenue generation. You will be building a pipeline in the landscape industry leaning on your past experience and network to maximize success. This involves identifying opportunities, cultivating relationships, pitching the software to potential clients and crucially closing deals. This is a bonafide sales role where your success will be measured by your ability to build a pipeline and close deals.

By innovating new approaches to nurturing business relationships and evaluating your wins and losses, you will establish a compelling and impactful value proposition. Your collaboration with the executive team will center on refining the company’s overarching growth strategy. This encompasses recognizing potential markets, customer segments, and partnerships that align harmoniously with the organization’s objectives.

The BD Executive will be tasked with initiating and cultivating relationships with potential partners, clients, distributors, and other key stakeholders through active participation in industry events, tradeshows, conferences, and networking sessions. By staying attuned to market trends and immersing yourself in the community, you will fortify and capitalize on these relationships to generate mutually advantageous opportunities.

Moreover, a pivotal focus will be on expanding EXT’s sales pipeline. You will be deeply involved incultivating and managing a pipeline brimming with potential business prospects, partnerships, anddeals. With your proficiency in negotiation, you will take the lead in navigating agreements forpartnerships, collaborations, joint ventures, and other strategic endeavors. This will entail craftingterms that ensure the alignment of interests and objectives. In sum, your primary goal will revolvearound harnessing partnerships, distribution channels, and alliances to amplify the company’s salesand extend its market footprint.

Opportunity has been filled!