Donna & James Baker Receive 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur Award

Donna & James Baker Receive 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur Award

This distinctive award recognizes passionate entrepreneurs that were born outside of Canada, whom have made an inspirational impact within the local community. There was no rhyme or reason behind the spontaneous move that the Baker family made from St.Albans, England in 2006. They simply took a chance, not only on relocating to Canada but also on launching a company rooted from a passionate frustration toward the recruitment industry focusing solely on transactional success.

What made them stay in Canada, other than their highly successful and rapidly growing business?

They often rave about the quality of life, in addition to the inclusive and collaborative nature of the community in Ottawa. Donna and James are spirited advocates, supporting charities such as the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation and Ottawa Heart Institute. To top it all off, there is far less traffic and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting these two, you’ll know what their favourite season is – winter! When they aren’t on the slopes skiing (which isn’t often enough), they’re working tirelessly to perfect their executive search, recruitment and human resources business lines at Keynote. In addition, they are eagerly preparing to launch their in-house created KAIT (Keynote Artificial Intelligence Technology) that will change the face of recruitment research processes. They have become well-known experts at providing world-class service to their clientele through a transparent, fair and innovative placement process since Keynote Group’s inception in 2015. Congratulations Donna and James – you never fail to make us so unbelievably honoured to be a part of your team.

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