When External Recruitment Helps

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  • February 23, 2016

When External Recruitment Helps

A traditional recruitment agency will tell you that you should never do any recruitment without their help. Well if there were no social networks and a database of candidates still had the same value as 10 years ago, then I would agree with them, but I don’t, unless we are talking about temp/contract hiring! The value added recruitment business is one that provides you with more than just time savings – they de-risk your hiring process and enable you to make objective hiring decisions. The justification for paying traditional recruitment fees to companies who simply post and screen incoming resumes doesn’t exist anymore, yet the industry is littered with firms that do just that.

Develop a Talent Strategy

My advice is to develop a talent acquisition strategy that leverages your internal expertise and allows you to connect to the right external partners at the right time. So when you need to recruit, you have different avenues you can go down depending on the situation. So which situations really benefit from third party recruitment help?

1 – Confidential recruitment

This is where a good executive search firm, with a strong ethical perspective really comes into their own. A search firm can ensure that you complete OR carry out a confidential replacement or sensitive hire. Through non-disclosure processes, neutral locations for interviews and managed communication, you can ensure that a confidential hiring process is handled appropriately.

2 – Anytime you find yourself ‘hoping’ to find the right person

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘I hope we find the right person from this advert?’ Stop right there and use an external search and recruitment firm. A retained search process has exceptionally strong close ratios due to its research and headhunting approach.

3 – Objective consideration of both internal and external resources

Do you have a good organic growth model, yet want to ensure you compare your talent with the best talent on the market? An experienced employee search firm can independently evaluate internal and external options, providing objective comparisons. Regardless of whether you hire internally or externally, you will ensure you have the right person to invest in moving forward. Recruitment agencies should be unbiased and transparent, allowing you to stand by the final decision regardless of who challenges it.

4 – Contract or temporary hiring

The key time an agency database has value is for temp/contract hiring. Being able to access a bench of resources on an as needed basis is fantastic for deliverable based work or short term cover.

5 – Business critical hire

Any time your organizations success is dependant on a specific hire, go outside for help. Whether it is for an Executive role or a key contributor, using a search firm enables you to truly scour the market for the talent that will make that crucial difference. Invest in your success, by ensuring you get access to the talent you need to progress. The best firms also deliver post placement services that ensure you are able to retain these key talents to drive your business forward.

So in summary, when you are in a position to add talent to your team, are you 100% confident you can find the talent you need, in the time you need them, through a job posting? If the answer is not sure, then you should consider a third party to support you.   Although there is usually a cost implication, the impact of lost productivity or a poor hiring decision is far more damaging to your business. People are your biggest asset, don’t leave that key success factor to chance. Just ensure the recruitment firm you are working with provides real value and doesn’t just replicate your internal processes for a fee!

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